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What’s that atop my head? A hat is a very good thing to have when you’re out in cold weather, but a beret is can be charming when you need just a touch of warmth.  Since we just had a nip of frost in the garden (can you believe it?) it's a good time to nurture ones knittin' desire!

While casually perusing the fall issue of the Twist Collective, a pattern name caught my eye. I just HAD to knit Community Gardens, plus it's a cute hat!  If you’ve been reading this blog the past summer you’ll know why the name meant so much. We joined a community garden and have had quite a time, sometimes fun, sometimes heartbreaking, but most of the time heartwarming. (Sounds like knitting, eh?)


A skein of Glacier Blue Beaverslide lay fallow in my stash, awaiting its moment in the sun. It's not only one of my favorite yarns, with it's close to the skin softness and warmth, but this skein is blue! This hat is special in another way, as it was the reason I learned the Twisted German cast on, a technique I’ve wanted to learn, because its stretchy edge is perfect for socks, gloves and hats. It was not hard to learn, but sometimes I am averse to learning new techniques (sad but true). Let's just say, happy am I that I took the time to add this to my bag of tricks.


The ribbing went by so quickly and the lace became quite addicting, so instead of working on larger projects, I found excuses to knit my little garden. She grew rapidly with extra TLC. The best thing about knitting a hat from the bottom up is it grows smaller and smaller. Before you know it, the hat is finished!  Hopefully winters cold will stay at bay, but when it comes my little garden topper will be ready.


Perfect name! I really like the motif and I don't have a beret. Hmmm...

It's like a big blue flower. Love it!

Great hat--it looks so pretty on you!

What a cute hat! You look very dashing in it, too.

Tres chic, Mademoisells! Gorgeous color...great with your eyes! Enjoy!

oops...sorry for the typo, Mademoiselle!

What a very sweet yet easy-peasy pattern! I think it will serve you well, as more clouds are headed your way (but hopefully no more frost).

sweet hat - love the photo

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