Things Are Not as They Appear

Knitting is full of ups and downs and, as knitters, we learn to accept not every project will be as we envision. Not every project is meant to be (in the long run), and if knitting is our number one hobby, we must accept this recurring lesson.  The number one lession of knitting is acceptance and I am learning to accept a slower pace may be my new normal.  Knitting production has been far below previous years.

5005600004_879e9a6684_b (sigh deeply)

There is always a next sweater on the needles, and I have fallen head over heals for the most fabulous combination of yarn/color combination ever.  I batt my lashes and sigh heavily over Opulence's color Forever in Blue Jeans. Gazing into its depths is like looking into an stormy ocean, the deepest blue eyes of a god, or a favorite pair of worn blue jeans.  The cast on ,and first 20 rows went smoothly, which can only mean we were destined to be together. This sweater is full of good juju. Of course you want to know the pattern, right?  It's Henley with a Twist. This is going to be a fun project. 

5004987291_870e81d522_z (the color in this photo is wrong!)

Hamamelis has been neglected for so long, but even with bits and bops of my attention she has been growing.  It only takes a row or two a day and before you know it (or before you can say Hamamelis) progress is visible.  Until the time comes push on through to the finish, I am accepting of a slow pace. (big sigh)

Monkeymonkeymini  (not another Monkey?!)
In July I started my sixth Monkey Sock, a mini-Monkey, with a picot cuff (my usual). After the first sock was finished I tried it on and decided it didn't look good, therefore there would be no second sock.  But, when looking through my multiple supply of Wee Bunny Bags (can you really have just one?), I found the Monkey and tried it on again.  It's not bad, and since there isn't enough yarn for a longer cuff (the yarn is an old Blue Moon skein of 325 yds), I'll live with it.  Time to finish the second sock.

The beginning of this year I promised there would always be one blue project on the needles, and while you may think everything on my needles is blue, that is not true.  Don't forget I'm knitting (green) mitts for Suzy, and secret project is in the works, which also is not blue (so there), plus I'm planning on knitting Through the Loops Mystery SockRav_linkredyarnball again this year. The intended yarn is Shibui Sock with the lovely name of Peony. (Start date tomorrow!)

So, rest assured, this is not Knitting the Blues. TeresaC is a much better knitter, a more prolific knitter, than I'll ever be and I am not trying to take over her position as the Queen of Blue in Blogland.


'Sigh'...there is something special about blue and the blues you have on your needles are beautiful! You are tempting me to puchase some 'Forever in Blue Jeans'!!

Kim's "forever in blue jeans" colorways is one of my all time favorites. That's a lot of blue you've got there but I know you love it and it makes you happy and that's really all that matters.

I think your new "slower" knitting place might be due to good health and a very busy social life. It's a good trade-off, sweetcakes. If that is the reason, good for you!!!!!
And, the blues? So very pretty.

Lovely blues! I've got Henley with a Twist in my short-term sights as well! Such a great looking pattern -- and you've found the perfect yarn!

I love all your blues! Process-knitting doesn't have a minimum speed limit - knit and enjoy!

Still. Lots of blue - and I LOVE it. Such a great color for you!! (But I'm looking forward to seeing the Peony colorway on the needles too.)

Funny, I chose Shibui Sock in Cranberry for my mystery sock of this year :)
and I love the yarn of your Henley it is going to be such a pretty sweater!

I love that you have such a strong love for your favorite color! I myself almost always have a ton of green on the needles...

I've found that honoring my pace - whatever it may be at the moment (and it's very slow right now as I transition to a new season) is always a good thing.

Wow, such amazing, gorgeous blues...

They are all lovely projects.

Gosh, all that blue seems very familiar. You chose some great yarns for those projects. I think that the calmness of blue is what draws me to it over and over again.

It wouldn't bother me if you knit nothing but blue. Sigh... beautiful... sigh again.

I can attest to the beauty of Forever in Blue's such a wonderful colorway! (it's equally as nice is Kashmir as in Opulence!)
Good for you, getting the second Monkey underway!

Blue is such a peaceful color... My production this year has been very small and I kinda like it that way!

That Forever In Blue Jeans is just da bomb. I loved all the stitches of my Foglifter in that colorway.

You can be blue. There is rooom is this clubhouse.

Thankfully, the knitting is not a race. It happens when it happens and there is nothing wrong with that. There are far more important things and people out there, yes?


Lovely blues!

"Blue skies shining at me. Nothing but blue skies do I see." Your color for the henley is so cheerful. It will scare those mid-winter gray skies away!

Once I get over the bump to acceptance, there is so much more joy that I wonder why I fought it for so long.

Beautiful blues!


Nice blues! I keep finding myself knitting with pinks and purples - colors I rarely wear. Go figure... :-)

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