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Happy one year anny! Wow, that seemed to go fast (though I'm not the one who had to go through it).

We're glad you're feeling better and are still gorgeous.


I'm so glad you're hearing those three little birds outside your doorstep! May they entertain you and entertain you and entertain you!


Blessings come in many packages. We have been blessed with you.

Happy anniversary of the day we all got an extension of the life Margene!

Happy Anniversary...very big hugs!

The very best sort of anniversary to celebrate. Congratulations!

And we are very, very happy that you are with us still. :)

happy anniversary! will you celebrate at rhinebeck this year?

Celebrating the blessing of YOU today! Hugs to you!

So wonderful! Hugs!

The world is a much better place for having you in it. So glad all is well!

Much love to you!

Blessed to call you friend. I love how Carole put it. :-)

Love to you, Margene, and to all of us who are glad you're here!

Happy anniversary of life!

Such a happy anniversary. Love the song!

Happy re-birthday!

And, so are we, darlin'!!!

Yes you are, Very. And so are we :^) xox

I llove that we now share this day in so many ways! We are kindred spirits. :)

To Life! Thanks for letting us share the journey...the ups and the downs...

Keep Beating, Margene!! you're a beautiful inspiration!

Fist pump!and a hug.

Well, this is just the exact, exact, exact right occasion for a little L'CHAIM!!

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