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For the past year the universe has stressed, in every way possible, the lesson I must be here to learn. The first time I heard the words "it's the process" was in an embroidery class. Handwork is a slow process, one of delicate precision, thorough study, careful attention and deliberate action. The seed was planted; the first steps of the journey taken, and as a way of being mindful of a focused life, I adopted the tagline, "It's the process".

One year ago today, I was admitted to the hospital, my future uncertain, but quickly, and deliberately, a plan of action was set in motion.  The process of saving my life became the focus and I stepped onto the path of renewal. It was a roller coaster and I road it with little emotion, understanding the course could not be altered. Thus, began the process of healing.


The process was extremely difficult, but everyday brought improvement, sometimes slow, but often happening in leaps. The journey has been interesting, uncomfortable, enlightening and, even, incomprehensible, but one thing is certain, the process continues.

The lesson of life's process has recurred through knitting, and it has been stressed in a new favorite summer pastime, gardening. There is no way to get away from the fact that it IS the process, baby. The process is ongoing, never ending.

September is the month of my "rebirth" and I can't help but celebrate life's wonderful processes.  Thank you for being part of this journey, for reading, and celebrating with me. The process continues!


Best wishes for a VERY happy re-birthday, dear Margene! You have been a wonderful role model for all of us, and have shown such grace during your long ordeal. Wishing you love for your heart, peace for your soul, and joy for your and always!

And you are an inspiration, Margene!

I've learned so much about the process from you!!!

Continued health to you!Thank you for sharing the process.

Happy re-birthday! Thank you for the reminder that life is a process even when it's not an easy process. May the next year full of joyful process for you.

Wishing you a happy re-birthday and many more! You are an inspiration.

I can see the commentors before me said it already, but happy rebirthday to you! You are a wonderful example of focussing on the positive.

Happy, Happy ReBirthday! I am so glad you began that process last year as I was just beginning to know what a special person you were and still are.
Just keep up the process - each one gets a little easier, I think.

How wonderful! Happy re-birthday! So glad to celebrate you!

A belated happy re-birthday to you! May you have many more.

I try to remember your device when I get impatient with the slow process of some things. It doesn't always work, but it often does. Even the process is a process.

I just love this picture of you! I loved it last year, and again this time, and I love that you have such great friends/family right there to cheer you up with fun presents and hugs. I so glad you are on the other side of this event! You inspire us all Margene :)

More more MORE! Happy Second Life, Margene!!!!I love you dearly!

Happy Re-Birthday, margene.

Happy Re-birthday! Sorry I missed the officialness. :D It is the process and thank you for helping teach me that...or setting me on my way to learning and living it.

I'm so glad I happened across your blog and can celebrate your re-birthday - and I hope to celebrate many, MANY more!!!

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