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Perfect Backdrop

Silver Lake is a special place, one of peace, friendship and beauty. It's a spot that draws us on a regular basis, one we can travel to quickly from our home. The short walk around the lake, about a mile, is just enough to calm the soul and enrich the spirit. Silver Lake is also a perfect place to photograph finished project, to show a creation of ones own.


Traveling WomanRav_linkredyarnball (a free Ravelry download) was happy to travel up the canyon for her debut. If one is known as a traveling woman, then she should travel when she can. Silver Lake will not be her last stop, as she unfurls her wings for a flight across country, to adorn the shoulders of a friend.


Happily, there was sufficient yarn to add a repeat and make the shawl a little larger, even if there was a little deep breathing during the bind off. Ten yards was all that was left (with a sigh of relief).

After struggling the last few months to find my love of the process, it has returned with a flourish.  Traveling Woman, in combination with the divine yarn, assures me she will be the warm hug I cannot give in person.

Raveled hereRav_linkredyarnball


That is so beautiful. Your photographs lift my spirits during my coffee break (not that they were particularly down). Receiving the parcel is bound to have the same effect on your friend.

That's so beautiful! Gorgeous reds! And the backdrop is perfect. Wish I was there with you!!

Beautiful shawlette. Silver Lake is magical, isn't it? And, your hair looks gorgeous in those shots!!

Beautiful setting and what a lovely shawl! How could it not offer some solace? There's nothing quite like a hug from a friend.

What a perfect hug! This shawl will be extra-special -- full of stitches knit with love AND carrying the peaceful air of your beautiful Silver Lake!

I think I've missed all of you working on this? It's soooo pretty! Very nice! xo

I can only echo the comments above. The shawl is beautiful and the color is full of love. A wonderful,warm hug, indeed.

is there any better way to say i love you! ?

Well, that is just beautiful -- and what a lovely sentiment and fitting location for your shoot.

Gorgeous! The photo, the shawl, the color, the sentiment. All gorgeous.

Such a pretty color - I know the recipient will love it.

I was looking for a button to "like" this post! Typepad! Make that happen. ;)

Love it!

Beautiful location to photograph a beautiful project!

A fabulous gift for a friend, and a bigger gift to yourself - the return of your love of knitting.

I can only simply "ditto" all the previous comments....
It is beautiful.... as well as your friendship.

The autumnal colors of the shawl on such a perfect summer day, a great photo combo!

Gorgeous shawl, I shall have to fave that one too...

Wonderful shawl with a very suitable backdrop!

Gorgeous all the way around...the model, the location and the lovely shawl!

I really gotta invite myself up that way one of these days. ;)

beautiful backdrop for a beautiful shawl. That is one lucky friend.

Sooooo pretty, both the gorgeous shawl and the beautiful mountains! I thank God every day that I live in such a beautiful state. Your friend is going to feel your love knit into her new shawl.

Lovely shawl in a wonderful place. Well done.

Absolutely beautiful - the shawl, the background, everything!

What a beautiful shawl in a beautiful colorway! I am loving the reds right along with you this year.

I did a Traveling Woman with a stray skein of sock yarn and it is the perfect pattern for that and knits so quickly too.

Your's is beautiful!

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