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Sending Lace Prayers

On the Other Hand...

..there is reason to knit for friends when they are well, when you want to let them know you care.  Sending hugs, and love, is never a bad idea.  This skein of Casbah wanted to be a small shoulder shawl and the simply lovely Traveling WomanRav_linkredyarnball fit the bill.  The yarn is deliciously soft, which is perfect for keeping ones neck safe from cool fall breezes. Milkweed was knit with the same yarn in a rich blue and it's quite delightful.


As it turns out, Sock Mojo turned his back and hightailed it out of town.  It might be because I wasn't feelin' any love for him and I just couldn't get into sock knitting.  The call of lace was loud and he knew my attention had waned. Poor guy just could not compete.  A lace project, small and portable as a sock, presented itself, and its proper accompaniment (the yarn) also became clear.  It felt quite right to eschewed Mr. Sock Mojo and turned to my love of lace.  One must follow ones heart, so...there you have it. Plain and simple, lace wins.


Lace wins every time :-)

It has been quite the summer of lace. I like what your colors are doing.

Socks will always be there. IMHO.

I've been enjoying lace knitting more than sock knitting, too.

Lace hardly ever wins with me, but I'm glad you love it. :)

And, you knit such pretty lace. I love this color combo. So pretty and fall-like. Happy Friday, grrlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lace is lovely to knit. And knitting a small shawl in a soft yarn is sooo relaxing. Maybe socks are more a winter thing. Enjoy your weekend!

Lace almost always wins for me!

Lace is winning all at Chez Green Woman right now, too.

Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn! That shawl will make someone feel very loved.

Lace is eating the socks at my house, too. Must be the weather...

Mr. Sock Mojo must really have a tough time keeping the love of high desert women. Too. Dang. Hot.

Those are wonderfully warm fall colors to share with a chum! Rock on, Lace!

I'm working on a pair of socks that blend nicely with your shawl, so I guess Sock Mojo came to visit me for a bit!

That Casbah is gorgeous and Traveling Woman is on my queue, too!
Have a great weekend

I agree. Lace! Socks are fun, especially when you're wearing them, but nothing trumps lace. Happy weekend!

Lace is much better for the summer.

It's lovely, Margene. I think the lack of sock love is going around this summer.


There is always something lovely to look at here.

Casbah what a pleasure to knit! and yet again you knit a pattern that is in my future plans! :) Lovely choices.

Mr. Sock MoJo packed it up and moved outta Dodge long ago in my neck of the woods. I think he might be gone for good! But I can see Traveling Woman wandering in . . . to set for spell! Lovely, lovely shawl!

Of course!

Yes, love and hugs are excellent for good times, too!

Yes, lace wins!


Sometimes lace just has that sweet and gentle presence we need in our lives:)

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