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Fresh eggs...fresh tomatoes...yum! yum! No wonder you're too busy to blog!! Go have fun and enjoy!

There is nothing wrong with being too busy to blog! Hope it's a fun kind of busy.

Omelets and salsa, coming up soon at a location near you! yummy!

It's good to be too busy to blog, but we'll be waiting;-D

giggle....chickens lay tomatoes too?....thanks for the smile this morning.

Still jealous you get to have chickens in your garden....

Fresh eggs, yummo!

Eggs from your own hens are simply the best!

Millie is adorable! Can't wait for photos of her eggs!

She is a very handsome - and no doubt a very spoiled - chicken!

Just wait till you see the first eggs - they're adorable. Cute little mini-eggs!

She is a Beauty! :^)

What a pretty bird Millie is! I so wish Ken would let me have some chickens, but he draws the line there...LOL.


Yummmm....fresh eggs!

She has grown a lot! Good thing she has that ring so you know which one she is.

Isn't she pretty?!

Sounds like you are having a great time! Love the community chickens!

Millie's going to lay tomatoes? ;p

If you can teach her to lay deviled eggs as well as tomatoes, you're on your way to a picnic!

What a cute chickie she is! Fresh eggs and 'maters sound like a real winner to me.

She's a beauty...and being too busy to blog is a wonderful thing! I love this community garden you have...chickens and all!

Nice! I got some fresh eggs the other day that were actually TOO fresh. Those darn things are not good for hard-boiled eggs when they are too fresh -- you can't peel them afterwards! So bear that in mind -- if you want them hard-boiled, let them sit a few days. Otherwise, eat them in a nice omelet or something. :)

Busy enjoying life is always the best... you should start getting eggs as it cools down and get lots from your young hens. Your group might want to discuss lighting for winter, as the egg-laying is daylight-sensitive.

Yay! I hope it is all good busyness!


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