Foody Weekend

While in a garden, or when the kitchen is full of garden harvest, it's difficult to think of anything except food.  We spent the weekend harvesting, eating, investigating ways to eat, or save, our bountiful goodness. The garden is bursting with flavor and every bite must be savored.  

In part, this post is being written while sitting in the kitchen with the aroma of Vicki's Roasted Tomato recipe filling the house, filling my nose, awakening and arresting my senses. 

We bought a couple of peppers, in varieties we hadn't grown, but almost everything else was from the garden. 

Oh my, oh my! It not only smells like heaven it looks like heaven, as the flavors roast and blend.  The big old roasting pan, one we inherited from Smith's mother (and was likely a 1938 wedding present), was the perfect way to cook up a batch of this tasty sauce. 

To insure a taste of summer this winter, we tucked the sauce away in the freezer...a difficult, but necessary task.  Come on tomatoes! We need to make more of this tasty goodness, both to eat now and to save for later.  Once you start you just can't stop, because this roasted sauce is that good.


Oh, it looks delicious!

It looks wonderful and I'm sure it tastes even better. It will bring back a bit of summer on a cold winter night.

Thank you so much for that recipe! I just brought home a whole bucket of tomatoes from my grandmother's and this sounds wonderful.

Isn't it an amazing time of year?

Oh, yummy. I've just made a batch of tomato sauce for the freezer, with balsamic vinegar. But this roasted recipe looks delicious too. Maybe next week.

Looks fabulous!

I can almost smell it. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

I was drooling when Vicki posted that recipe too. We didn't grow much except herbs this year, but I'm hoping the CSA eventually comes through with some tomatoes and then I'm going to have to give it a go!

Looks delicious! I used to freeze tomatoes whole - lazy I guess. When I wanted to use them in a sauce, I held them under the hot water tap and 'rubbed' off the skins! Works a charm and helps when the point comes that you do not want to see one more tomatoe!!
I wonder, too, of all the sweaters you knit in 2009, do you have a favourite?


Mmmm. I love how it looks just as it goes into the oven.

I brought some tomatoes home from the farmers' market on Saturday but didn't have time to make sauce all weekend -- plus, that's about the last thing one wants to do when it's 90F outside! I quartered them all and threw them in the freezer -- I'm thinkin' they'll be ready when I am and, at "worst," I'll have to keep the whole works in the oven for an extra half-hour or so. Such torture. ; ) I'll have a full report when the time comes!

It LOOKS that good. Mmmmm....

I put up 6 pints of sauce this weekend too...yum!

I also tried an absolutely scrumptious tomato dressing today on my salad. I am going to try and post the recipe this week. So yummy!

Mmmmm, and so pretty!

I made a batch last week and instantly fell in love! Another batch coming this Friday for weekend guests - absolutely delicious! Thank you, Vickie! :)

Looks so delicious! We've been making big tomato salads every night for weeks. This weekend - SAUCE!!!

swoon - tomatoes fresh are the best!... and sauce made from yummy fresh ones is just about heaven.

It looks fantastic. Our tomatoes are so sad. Very green, no fruit. But we'll have eggplant this weekend! I may have to buy some produce stand tomatoes to make that sauce!


Looks luscious! Our tomatoes are starting to come on strong, so I'm going to make a batch.

Yay for harvest season and all the good smells... you will have the vision of the garden when you warm your sauce back up in the dead of winter! I have heard canned tomatoes described as 'summer in a bottle'.

Sounds delicious. Too bad we can share the aroma long distance.

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