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As the last button was sewn into place, as the last of the finishing was complete, as this saga of a sweater journey came to an end, my breath caught, and I sat in stunned silence.  A silence of peace, of inner prayer, of simple joy.  This journey now moves into a new phase, a phase of giving warmth, softness, luxury, and a gigantic hug from Kim.  Glorious!


Kim's Kashmir yarn has survived this journey in grand fashion.  She was knit into another sweater, completely frog, washed, and then, continued on her journey to once again be knit, frogged, tinked and knit again.  She came out of it all looking like Cinderella at the ball.  A knitter must be grateful for a yarn that is willing to do what it needs to do and become something to love. This yarn, fortunately, continues to be beautiful, elegant and splendid. 


Anne's Sprössling pattern is well written with simple finishing techniques for a happy ending.  The only modification I made was to add 3" of length before the waist shaping.  (After trying it on I realized 2" would have been enough, but I am happy.) Oh and, a little extra on the sleeves, too.

The lovely tiny buttons were found at Blazing Needles, a LYS with a spectacular selection. (Buttons for Que SeraRav_linkredyarnball were also found, but we'll save that for another day.)  Because of the added length extra buttons were needed.


The simplicity of garter stitch hems and edges compliment the elegance of the lace.  There was no fussing or futzing the numbers for the neck band to look good.  Everything simply fell into place as the sweater came together. The front band pickup was magical, as the first time I tried, the band had no excess, nor was it too small. 

The knitting journey is over and it's been quite a humbling path.  This sweater had it's way with me (all difficulties my own and not the yarn nor the pattern) and it took awhile for me to realize the journey was NOT hard, and that it was my own angst and inability that stopped me from moving forward. When I (finally) broke through that wall, I knew all was well.

Pattern: Sprössling by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Kashmir from The Woolen Rabbit
Raveled HereRav_linkredyarnball


That is stunning !
A cardigan to be proud of. Beautifully knitted, a perfect fit and a great colour on you. It's beautiful.
You are looking very well too. :0)

A beautiful sweater. Somehow, the ones we have to work and labor over, are the ones most worth the effort.

Absolutely gorgeous, the both of you. Congratulations!

This sweater is simply perfect! Color,pattern,yarn choice, fit it's all there! Wear it with pride.

Lovely sweater; it truly is the process! I also love the swirly heart pin in the first picture and wonder if you can share any info. about it?

It's gorgeous!

Margene! Your Sprossling is so worth all the effort put into it. It is simply beautiful and it will be so useful for you, too! Congratulations!


Just beautiful!

Beautiful. You do look quite satisfied, and at peace, in that picture. Perfect.

It's absolutely beautiful, Margene! Aren't you glad you hung in there and pushed through to the end?

I'm glad you and the cardigan came through together! The subtle variegation in the yarn is a nice accent to the vertical nature of the stitch pattern.

Perfect, perfect, perfect! You (and your sweater) look fabulous.

just lovely.

She was well worth the trouble. Gorgeous sweater and the yarn is perfect. And, you have that right about good yarn. My first Milkweed was ripped once too many times and I lost about 50 yards from the wear. Kim's yarn is awesome. You look good, grrlfriend!

Oh, Margene. It's so beautiful. The fit, the color, it's all perfect for you. I'm so glad you finished and you love it.

I second Carole! It's fanta-bulous!

Wow! So glad to see you made it through to the end result. It looks fantastic on you.

I love it. L-O-V-E IT on you. Everything about it is just perfect.

I might have to send you to pick buttons for mine. I cannot find anything close to what I want around here.

It looks great! Congrats!

It's gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous - and it looks divine on you!

Even thought I'm sweltering in the heat of July, I look at your lovely masterpiece and feel the cool breezes of the mountains. As always you did a fantastic job! The color is superb. Stay cool!

You still got it, Margene! This one was definitely worth all the setbacks. It looks fantastic on you.

Whoa...gorgeous...just beautiful on you! xo

YAY! She's beautiful! (and so is the woman modelling her!)

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