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This is the little footie that almost was. It was a pretty blue, but I was bluer. We just didn’t get along and, while she tried to entice, I just wasn’t feeling the love. We have now parted ways.


Dear little Que Sera has been so sweet to wait her turn and her turn has come.  She should start a nice little growth spurt this weekend.  This weekend is long and that's the type of weekend that makes me happy.  Hopefully there will be some happy knitting. (Oh and I guess I had better be spinning for the Tour de Fleece, too! Don't tell Cookie I nearly forgot!)

Sprössling is blocking and awaiting her neckband, button bands and buttons. There will a button search on Saturday.  

There is expectation of lace, blue lace, blue lace that makes me happy lace. This could be a very good weekend.  

Happy 4th!!!


In spite of the frogged footie, I am hearing a very optimistic note. It sounds great. Enjoy your weekend.

I have succumbed to your powers of suggestion and cast on for a Sprossling myself. Cannot WAIT to see yours in that beautiful colorway from Kim!

Best to break up the relationship before it goes too far;-P Love Que Sera and this is an excellent long knitting/spinning weekend!!! Have a wonderful one!

The photo of Que Sera is great - the color of the yarn and the rocks really complement each other. I've got to get organized for the Tour de Fleece - I haven't touched my wheel in a month.

Oh,that Hamamelis has been calling out to me, too. Such a beauty! Can't wait to see it in blue. . . Have a wonderful long weekend, Margene!

The frogged footie...I swear, nothing is as colorful as knitting jargon. LOL! Enjoy your long weekend and knit happy! :-)

Goodbye, little footie. We hardly knew ya.

Have a lovely 4th of July weekend!

A bit sad about the little footie, I'd seen that in your rav queue and thought it pretty dang cute. ah well. onward and upward and you have beautiful projects coming and going ;^) Happy long weekend!

Oh, Que Sera. Mine still languishes in a drawer - sleeveless. I bet you'll finish yours and mine will still be in the same drawer.

Poor little blue footie. RIP.

A few years ago, a baby bootie and I parted ways, and I still can't figure out why I couldn't follow the pattern. Ah well. Some things are not meant to be. Your Que Sera is going to be wonderful - what a color! I'm blocking Hamamelis today!

happy long weekend - hope you have lots of time to relax and knit. Can't wait to see that glorious sweater.

Happy 4th to you and Smith too! :)

The yarn of the frogged footie really looks like it would be happy as an accessory for showing off with jeans. Maybe it is saying something different to you.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July, (the rest of the month too!)

Fireworks for the Fourth of July and Sprossling this year! Congratulations...I knew you could, I knew you could, and you did! Horray for you...she'll be the love of your life! Enjoy!

Happy 4th of July weekend!!! I'm so happy you are working on things that make you smile!

Hopefully Que Sera will behave herself for you, and knit up easily.
I still haven't decided what I'm going to spin for the Tour. If you don't tell Cookie, I won't tell Cookie...

Lots of happy knitting! I know some people are shocked when a project must be parted with...but I always look at it as a good thing - especially if it frees you up to do something else spectacular.

I hope the weekend was everything you hoped for and more!


Wow, I am really, really behind! I love the blue lace pattern... garter and lace are such a nice combo. I agree, if you aren't feeling the love, life's too short to push ahead anyway. There are so many good projects out there waiting!

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