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Like Vickie*, I misplaced my happy and decided to go in search of it. It couldn't be too far away as it had just been here and we'd been doing quite well.  Happy should be found in many places, as a long holiday/vacation weekend upon me. One of the first places I found happy was with my BFFs. 


CherylS, Shelley and I had a date to pamper our feet and "do" a little lunch.  The day was quite delightful, as you would expect.  (Shelley is healing nicely after breaking her ankle and she should be loosing that boot very soon.)

Another place where happy often resides is in the garden, especially its harvests.  This is the season when something good to eat is ready almost every day.  Sunday the green beans were in abundance!  Sautéing them with a fresh onion, also from the garden, was a delight for the taste buds.  You should have seen the smile on Smith's face. He had no idea he had a green thumb.


Happy can be found in many unexpected places and this bit of art, in the parking lot of a favorite restaurant, caught my eye and made me laugh right out loud. These boots were not made for walking. 


On a little sightseeing excursion (with Dad who was visiting last week) I found happy while touring the Salt Lake City Library. Looking down into the atrium entrance, and the shadows cast by the window frames, I overcame my fear of heights and reached over to take the picture.

It's the little things that create big thrills.  There was another wonderful bit of happiness found, but I think I'll save that for another day.  It's nice to be back in Blogland.  I missed you all!

*You must congratulated Vickie for riding her bike 25 miles!!


Reading your blog makes me happy!!

I missed you, too! And I just can't picture you as being anything but happy.

It's usually the little things in our lives that bring the most happy. Time with our friends and family; unexpected beauty; the bounty of the garden; a good pedi! So glad you're finding so much happy.

I'm with Carole! I always think of you as happy, positive and upbeat! Glad you found your happy. I missed you.

Sometimes it's all the little things, isn't it? :)

Good Morning Margene! Glad you found your "happy"! Also, the library picture is amazing. I can really appreciate it as heights aren't one of my favorite places either! Have a great day!

Pretty feet! It really is the small things in life that make us smile isn't it?

Happy is always hiding just around the corner. And it's remarkably easy to catch!

Yay, glad you found your happy again. ;)

Aw, thank you, Margene!! Usually the happy doesn't stray too far and it's fun to recognize it when it shows up -- both in expected and unexpected locations! I love that shot from the library and I'm sure the "Should I? Shouldn't I?" conversation in my head would have been exactly the same as yours!!

I'm repeating, but happy is reading your blog!

Mmmm... those green beans look wonderful!

It's good to be reminded that the things that make us happy are so often the cumulative little things that make up our lives. :)

I hope your happy stays around for a long time.

I think perhaps we all should go on a search for happy on a regular basis! Thank you for such a fun post!

misplacing your happy is an easy thing to do in this world filled with stress.
I'm reading an interesting book for work about re-wiring the brain for joy - and how to short circut the old stress loops.. kinda interesting (kinda cliche too, but so far its ok)

It was a really fun day - so glad it helped find your happy!

that shadow pattern is beautiful. can i knit that ?

The spirit of your blog is a happy for me today. Thanks!

Margene, You are a ray of Happiness. Love the pretty pampered toes.

Your blog defines happy. I'm glad that you're feeling it again.

I think the library is one of the nicest buildings in all of SLC.

Thank you, I needed a little reminder.. my happy has been strained and overworked and stretched to the max a few times this summer. We are having our 2nd annual spinning retreat this coming weekend, so I am hoping for a large refill.

My happy tends to play peek-a-boo with me a lot these days. I think it's mostly because of sneaks away to take a little nap while the rest of me is chugging along. Love your pictures, especially the boot planter!

Welcome back, Margene! I hope you have more encounters with happy.


Your toe picture made me smile. Yup. Sometimes our happy does get misplaced, but nobody can find it but us;-D

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