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Garden Surprises

Smith and I have learned first hand that gardening is addicting. This post is 100% for Norma, who had a birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday, dear friend.  You and your garden have been an inspiration and, with your guidance, we have had the good results with our garden this year. 

This is our harvest Saturday morning. Broccoli, zucchini, radishes (galore), yellow squash, and one Lemon Boy tomato (with many more to come).


Sunday we found one more harvest surprise...

a HUGE potato! 

From the looks of it we'll have quite a harvest in a few weeks and, if everything grows, the harvest could be overwhelming.  Look at the corn, peppers, tomatoes and Brussels Sprout, all of this in our 24x24' garden. No wonder I have little time to knit.

And, how's this for a surprise?  Our community now has chickens!  Aren't they cute?  The board is also talking about adding lavender fields and apiary. We lucked into a very fine community garden.  Gardening is as fascinating as any project I've ever taken on and the process is very much the same.  I think I'm hooked.



WoW! I love how wonderfully the gardening adventure is going for you. That does sound like a special community you have found. Continue to enjoy!


It's impossible not to be hooked. It's fitness and fun and rewards for your labor, and community and good food all at once. I'm will have GREAT compost from the chickens.

It sounds like a great place to garden and it's wonderful that it's so close to home, too. Excellent garden haul!

Your bountiful harvest is gorgeous and, I'll bet, delicious. Yes, gardening is addictive and with a 24x24 plot you will eat well until frost. You have an enviable community garden!!!

I think this is the best thing that has happened to you two! Chickens, lavender AND an apiary?? What an incredible community. So jealous, yet so happy for you.

Everything looks delicious! And chickens too? That's awesome!

Oh, you've certainly caught that Gardening Bug! What a lovely harvest! Sounds like your community garden is a wonderful place to be. So happy you've landed there -- and I'm eager to hear more about your gardening adventures.

I'm so glad that the late cold weather hasn't held you up! yay for fresh eggs!

I'm glad you're both enjoying the garden!! Sounds like you need to have some recipes queued up to deal with the forthcoming bounty!

Hmmm I bet the two of you ate well this weekend! :)

Wow, you've learned well! Beautiful harvest! I think Norma should just become a gardening instructor. I look at her blog and dream of gardens like that. I'm hoping to plant lavender in one of our weedbeds next year. :-)

What a haul! I'm afraid all I'll get this week is lettuce, beets, and Japanese eggplants. But then, I didn't plant squash or broccoli (take too much room) or radishes (we don't eat them).

WoW!!!! I am so very thrilled and happy for you two gardeners, what fabulous harvesting and with so much more to come :^)
Yep. That Norma, she inspires Good Dreams that for some result in Action! ;^)

Oh, that is all so wonderful!! Chickens!

Woo Hoo!

I'm so glad it's going so well. Gardening can be so hit and miss. It sounds like you and Smith have found a wonderful garden community to be a part of.

That is FABULOUS! I should find a community garden for next year.

(That Norma. Once an enabler, always an enabler.)

Beautiful vegetables!

Your harvest is way more impressive than mine. I am so jealous but I think Smith has a much greener thumb than mine. Enjoy!

I am delighted by how the two of you have taken to gardening! If you don't want to freeze, can or dry the extras, there's probably a food bank nearby that would welcome the overflow:)

Congrats on the production of produce! And I'm a bit envious of your community! It sounds just perfect!

Lovely harvest!!! An EXCITING!!

It sounds like a great community in which to be involved!

Nothing pays better dividends than a garden.

My sister-in-law has chickens in the backyard of her Hollywood Hills home. Bees are her next addition. Alas, our HOA does not allow either. Urban gardening/farming is so gratifying. And your potato looks yummy!

That's so cool! I wish we had a neighborhood chicken coop!

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