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The holiday weekend was spent doing much of nothing.  The garden drew our attention often and every morning, as we walked the short distance, we marveled at how lucky we were to have a community garden so near.  As the garden goes, we've won a few and lost a few.  The lettuce plants are on their way out, but we have had over a dozen fresh and beautiful salads. Gardening is hard work, but as any gardener knows, the rewards are worth the effort.


The peppers and tomatoes are growing like gangbusters with the "red cherry hot" leading the pack.  The other peppers (all of them of a hot variety) are coming along, too.  

The weekend weather was perfection.  We commented constantly it was one of the nicest Fourth of July's ever.  The temperate weather allowed for long hours of patio time, a place we love to "hang" when it's not too hot.  My iPod was in my ear constantly, as I listened to Outlander.  The story is pure escapism and the voice in my head now speaks with a Scottish brogue. 


There was little only a little knitting, as I was mad at myself for finding perfect buttons for Sprössling and then leaving them on the counter at the LYS.  Since the shop was closed for the 4th, I had to wait until Monday to pick them up.  This story continues at a later date (and, hopefully, with a happy ending). 

This week was, thankfully, a short one and the weekend unfolds before us again.  (Too bad it's not another long one!) Hopefully, there will be more knitting accomplished than last weekend.  As a little PSA : Please hurry over to Mim's blog and take advantage of the special offer for her new book.  And (yes there is more!), please hurry over to Kim's blog. All you need to do is comment to win a prize! 

Last (but not least)...please, have a lovely weekend!


Sprossling is looking just lovely. I can't wait to see how the story ends! Nice peppers, too. Have a lovely weekend.

Happy Friday!!!!! xo

Can't wait to see your Sprossling! Have a wonderful weekend too. :)

You sound so wonderful. Garden fresh truly is an amazing thing. I'm only growing herbs this summer, but fresh basil pesto from my yard is the best I've ever had!! Happy Friday, Margene. Have a wonderful weekend!

I hope you have another lovely weekend!! I'd like to think we'd make it through a weekend without rain, but alas...

I'm glad your garden is making you happy. Lovely knitting you've got there.

ooo, envying those cherry peppers!

Everything is looking good!!!

Long or short, have a wonderful weekend!!

Sprossling is looking beautiful, as are the peppers! Gardening... it's good for the soul. Hoping your weekend is another beauty, with clear skies and not too hot.

Sprossling is looking wonderful, as are your peppers. Got my patterns from Mim yesterday...can't wait to start knitting! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Gardening and knitting are both similar. We invest time, have setbacks, but with persistence, we enjoy the bounty. Hope your weekend is a nice as the last!

Ah, Red Jamie Frasier! I had forgotten all about those books.

You and I seem to have the same attitude toward the garden. I've had a few disappointments this year too but my tomatoes are popping up all over and I'm pretty sure I'll have zucchini before long. With weather this hot and dry getting anything at all from the garden is a gift.

That red is so beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished item!

Thanks for the link, grrlfriend! Hope all is going well for you! xoxoxoxo

I have some pretty good-sized bell peppers - at least 3" long. If I wanted green peppers, I could harvest some right now. But I'm waiting for them to ripen.

I'm always leaving stuff behind at that LYS. I get so caught up in chatting with everyone. Did you see the boxes from Habu, Fibre Company, Fleece Artist, and Dream in Color that arrived on Tuesday. Danger!!

I would love to have the voice in my head speak in a Scottish brogue. I haven't gotten into audiobooks, but you just gave me a reason to start. (When I studied and/or spoke foreign languages regularly my inner voice would now and then speak in one of them -- usually the wrong one for the occasion, but it was fun nonetheless.)

Sprossling is beautiful. Can't wait to see it with buttons. Thanks for the link to Mim...she has a wonderful link to a video there, that I am so happy to have seen.

I hope this is going to be another relaxing weekend for you two.


Please have one of those too :)

Can't wait to see the buttons.
I hope your weekend was grand!

I think the voice in your head is better than mine right now. Mine is a rather dry historian's voice...thanks to 20 something hours of The Tudors.

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