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Stepping from the elevator on the SLC library's fourth floor, a spiral staircase catches the eye, as does the window above, or it might be what's seen through the window. 

As you can see there are two active beehives of beautiful golden wood.  The garden on the roof of the library benefits from the bees, as does the surrounding neighborhood gardens.  What a fun sight to see the bees busily doing they're buzzing business.


Any time I see bees they remind me of Kim and her love of the little buzzers.  Our garden is always humming with their sound, as they travel from blossom to blossom gathering the pollen within.  


They fly with intent through the squash blossoms, flashing by so quickly it's rare to capture one in a picture, and never bother a hand reaching to harvest the fruit.


While patience is not my virtue, and the harvest of veggies my main intent, a bee may become so heavy with the yellow gold, it can hardly fly.  This bee seemed to be redistributing his load before flying off to find the hive. 

Sunflowers are a good place to find a bee spending more time within view, so this flower is dedicated to Kim and her love of buzzing, busy bees.

Bees, with their purpose in life, have a way of bringing back happy. We need to do all we can to protect and promote their place in our world.


I love watching the bees go about their work. Always have. The bee on that squash leaf would be a female, though, since that's it's the females that do all the work. The male drones only have one purpose - fertilizing the queen - and then they die.

I always think of Kim when I see bees, too. They were buzzing around those sunflowers I photographed last weekend but I never managed to capture one in a picture.

So cool, Margene! Next week I'm actually off to a gardening seminar at Michigan State, and one of the sessions I'm signed up for is on 'bringing bees to the garden.' Can't wait!

Aww....I love you! Early in the garden season I was not seeing any bees and was a bit concerned, but now that the pumpkin flowers have opened the garden is full of them...yay!!

Very cool bee boxes...thanks for sharing! buzzz

I adore bees, and I'm so glad to see your photos and the nurturing of them that's being done in your area!

(But I have to watch from afar...I'm deathly allergic - probably from being stung so often as a child helping my dad with his hives?)

The guy who owns those hives is a friend of my sister. Mayor Becker appointed him the official apiarist of Salt Lake City!

'Bout time I commented, eh? I'm a long time lurker, friend of your friend Suzanne up at HCI.

bees are responsible for pollinating over 80% of our food crops. Without them we'd lose about a third of our diet. That's quite a scary thought !
Be nice to bees !

I love the sunflower photo.

cool photos! that bee sure looks like it's devouring that leaf!

I too suffered low numbers of bees early on. Now that my bee balm and clethra anifolia are blooming their numbers are up. Such an important part of our food production. The pollinators that have been the busiest in my garden are my wee Osmias. They have been pollinating my eggplants and cherry tomatoes faithfully.

I love watching and listening to bees. We have lavender planted along my patio and it attracts lots of bees all summer. Sometimes I sit and watch them and think of all the delicious honey they'll produce.

How long before Smith and the community gardening guys start in with bees ;) Probably not far off...

I always think of Kim too! Great post!

I love that the library has beehives!

Very Cool, your library having those bees! and yes, loves the bees, they are Absolutely Essential to life on Earth.


Aren't they lovely? And well done with the photos!

I love that the library keeps bees! Also, I love the picture of the pollen-laden bee. Very cool!

I loved this post, and am so impressed that you were able to get such good closeups! I think your library is the only one I have ever heard of keeping bees... wonderful!

I'm very impressed with your library! Way to keep the beehives safe from bears - always a worry up here in my neck of the woods.

Love the little honeybees and the big, B52 bumblers. Quite allergic, but still adore them.

my father kept bees, even when we lived in the heart of a large city; ie ; Akron Ohio. thanks for showing me those.

I just heard an NPR story about how female beekeepers in urban areas are becoming a trend. Very interesting!

Bees in my garden make me feel like I am doing something right. Even if I am not getting much from my garden, it makes me feel good too see those bees.


We were worried for some time here in Middle Earth because the bees seemed to have disappeared, but this spring they are back. I'm so grateful. I love the little guys and we need them so much!!

At my property it used to be so covered with busy bees that you could almost feel it vibrating. The numbers are terribly down, but I still get a lot more than most people because of my many plantings. I hope there will be a resurgence of these lovely, very important, beautiful life forms.

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