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Meditation often uses the imagery of a peaceful place as a way to find focus during practice.  In a book on healing I read, before and after surgery, one the affirmations suggested to promote relaxation was to visualize a favorite place.  As you might suspect, my place is always Silver Lake.  It's a place easily accessible during meditation or as a "real" place to visit.


It is less than a mile around the lake, but it takes quite a bit of time.  Every view is beautiful and an eye must be kept for the ground and tree squirrels, the elusive, but ever present wildflowers, and an occasional moose! 

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Silver Lake is a place my friends love to visit whether they live near or far.  Many a day has been spent laughing and chatting as we walk around the lake.  Last weekend Smith and I spent the day with CherylS and her Pontiff. The lake is just starting to come alive with summer foliage and flowers. We spotted a shooting stars and the tail end of the glacier lilies.


We ended the day at another favorite spot, a place I have not been since being diagnosed with Celiac (the kitchen just wouldn't be safe).  However, we can still sit on the deck, sip a glass of wine, and looking out at a very relaxing view.  I love "my" mountains and the time spent with friends while enjoying their beauty.


What a beautiful place!

It's a fabulous spot and I feel so lucky to have been there with you!

It's looking so beautiful and green. Thank you for bringing us along!!!


Oh how beautiful and peaceful! Thank you so much for sharing this special spot with us. Here in flatland we don't get such awesome vistas - mountains just amaze me.

What a beautiful, "centering" kind of place! That just-emerging green is one of my favorite colors. . . and against that stunning blue sky. . . picture perfect!

Aahhhh, yes, a most beautiful place. and I have to add, you two ladies were stylin', Cheryl and her handknit T, and your t-shirt, Love them both!
Yep. It's the Good Times.

That spot will forever remind me of our time together on that lovely September day.

Oh, so beautiful. Utah -- Margene's house and Silver Lake, specifically -- are on my list!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures... Ahhhhh....

I have only flown over your beautiful mountains...you live in a heavenly place...breathtakingly beautiful...so calm and serene!

Thanks for the booklist, Margene! I have "avoided" Diana Gabaldon's series because they're listed under "romance" in my bookstore...not a genre I ever read. I know we have similar tastes in books so the bookstore is on my "to do" list for tomorrow.
I love the "bad" habits I get from you...on a frequent basis, I might add! :)

Happy Fourth of July!

I love Silver Lake!

John just got back from SLC. I didn't get to tag along this time. :( He didn't make it to SL, but he did visit his favorite trout stream. While he was there he saw a moose, a red fox and other interesting wildlife.

You are very lucky to live near such a beautiful spot! It looks incredibly peaceful.

Oh my...yes, that would be my "favorite place", too! I always have a hard time with that visualization since my favorite place will vary depending on how I'm feeling when I'm there. I know...I think too much...oy... Many times, my favorite place is my kitchen or my room. But I certainly love YOUR favorite place. ;-)

We couldn't have picked a better day! It had been too long since we'd been up there. We'll definitely need to go up for breakfast - more chance of seeing moose.

I always love your Silverlake pictures. The sky is always amazing. I'm a sucker for a desert sky. I wish we could take our dog there when we travel through Salt Lake. I'd love to see it in person.

time spent in nature with friends. that's the best!

What a beautiful and peaceful place to call your own.

Lovely, every time I see that favorite place of yours it makes me happy! :)

So beautiful! Makes me a bit homesick for that type of landscape.

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