The Shawls! The Shawls!
Ten on Tuesday (kicking and screaming)

This Post Brought to You By...

Farmer Smith!

Look at that! Yes, we have tomatoes! Lemon Boys! And, BOY were they good!


Smith saved the garden from a vole...a voracious and tenacious vole, one that made so many holes Smith could barely keep up.  FINALLY, he was able flood it out and give it a good conk. A final conk. 

Yesterday we harvested peas, arugula, radishes, onions and beets (along with the Lemon Boys).  Dinner was beyond fabulous. Just sayin'.


Gorgeous food! Smith is both hunter and gatherer this year!!!

Even across the Atlantic I can hear you singing 'Thank God I'm a country boy (girl)'. Can you hear the fiddle?

Hahahaha...........I can just envision Farmer Smith conking the vole...LOL! These garden pests keep us on our toes for sure! Nice harvest!!

The voles are quite a glad Smith won this battle..Great looking produce!!!

Hooray for Farmer Smith!

Can Smith come to my house and conk all my voles? Great harvest! It's only just begun, too.

looks like a yummy pile!

tomatoes!!! i can hardly wait for them to be ready in the northeast. and i will get in line for a session with the vole-conker....they are the bane of my existence.

Great job Smith! I'm flabberghasted that despite of all that unseasonably cold weather you have tomatoes before I do! Water seems to work well with voles and other hole diggers.

Yum! We're eagerly awaiting our tomatoes among other things. Those look fab. Hopefully the vole doesn't have any nasty little vole friends waiting to move in.

I too, am amazed that you're harvesting after all your cold weather and snow!

Of course, perhaps if I planted earlier.......

What a glorious feast! Those tomatoes look lovely. . . and tasty. :-)

WoW! Beautiful produce!!! were there headlines? Farmer Smith Conquers the Vole with a Final Conk! :^)

Yum! And congrats to Farmer Smith on triumphing over the vole!

Is "Conk-a-vole" anything like "Whack-a-mole"? ;-)

I'm so jealous of people who are already harvesting. Romeo refused to put anything in the ground before Memorial Day weekend, so we just now have our first little beginning baby tomatoes and zucchinis.

I can't believe you harvested tomatoes already! I only have tiny little marble-sized green tomatoes on a couple of plants. The rest only have flowers.

My neighbor learned a trick from an exterminator. Just drop a few Vitamin D tablets down the hole. GONE!!

Guess my dinner invite was lost in the mail. ;(

What a wonderful harvest! Those underground varmints are such a nuisance. Great job to Farmer Smith for his courage in the line of duty!


I'm so glad he was able to get that vole. Those things are just evil.

Wow! I am so impressed. I didn't even know we had voles here.

Oh my goodness. That looks GORGEOUS!! I'd say that Farmer Smith has definitely earned those green jeans!! Yum.

Hooray for Smith, conquering the tenatious beast! What a good spread of veggies you have there- congrats!

Hmmm,,, yummy. The chicken in our oven is enjoying the company of some garden herbs, they smell so delicious!

That's terrific! We have had such a cool, wet spring that our food's nowhere near as far along. I do have greens and peas, but now that it is suddenly BEYOND hot, I am sure we will catch up. Aren't those Lemon Boys the best?!

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