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The Shawls! The Shawls!


My co-workers are overly enthusiastic in their love of air condition. Why, must it be set at 60?! Isn't that's just a BIT too chilly?  Dear friends, do you freeze in the grocery store, or a restaurant, like I do?  In order to save myself from the frigid environs I keep a small shawl at the ready. They are a necessity during summer months and, since it's my lucky day (and yours), two designers have new publications coming out this year!

Miriam Felton is publishing a book of beautiful patterns (of all sorts), which she's making available in several ways.  Read about it on her blog or Ravelry Rav_linkredyarnball. You can pre-order the print book or buy the patterns in three separate Collections on Ravelry. That's a very cool idea.

Speaking of cool ideas...Rosemary is publishing an eBook of 7 Small Shawl patterns.  She's designing them all in 200 days, which means you can watch the progress/process happen on her blog. One shawlRav_linkredyarnball is available now, but each time another is ready you automatically get an update for your book!  You can buy the shawls separately if you prefer.  

As soon as my two current projects are finished I'm going to stick to my plan and start Hamamelis.  Next in my queue  is Fog LifterRav_linkredyarnball and I will do my best to stay this path. 

However, this gorgeous yarn just arrived from Kim and it could be a plan changer...isn't that always the way!?


This post is so timely for me! I'm so intrigued by small shawls lately. I have several yarns in my stash that will really work for this!

Having grown up in Louisiana and living now in New England I often have a little shawl tucked into my bag. After socks, it's probably my favorite thing to knit and I don't make time for them nearly often enough. I"ve just finished the Fallen Leaf frilled scarflette (or something like that, gosh what a mouthful), which was a fun little knit. The yarn from Kim is gorgeous, how could you resist?

Oh, it IS always that way! I call it... Inspired by Yarn! :-) I am not a fan of air conditioning, and I am frequently freezing - in grocery stores, at restaurants, at movies. Shawls are perfect for summer temperature variations!

Great post and shawls! When not having hot flashes I too freeze in AC settings that are unreasonably low. I've been on a small shawl kick lately. I have 3 under my belt and am jonesing for the next one. I have my Leaf Lace that is still unfinished which I should show some monogamous attention. Fog Lifter is in my queue and will have to patiently wait for me... or not! :-) Awesome yarn and I see a new Kim bag underneath it?? Off to check out your links!

OMG! I so agree with you about freezing air-conditioning. Small shawls are the best for those conditions. STOP TEMPTING ME WITH PRETTY PATTERNS;-P I need to finish my Milkweed. Then, I can look at other pretties. HAPPY FRIDAY, MARGENE!!!

Ok, Fog Lifter is in the queue... thank you very much... ; ) I agree. I need some kind of wrap at nearly every function that isn't outside here in the summer.

Count me in as a AC hater. We get little enough warm weather, as it is. All shawls and yarn are lovely, as usual. I'm struggling away on a simple lace scarf that's been neglected for many months, and I can't picture myself doing lace for fun. Maybe someday.

We keep the AC at work between 68-72. It seems to be a good compromise for everyone. Shawls are a must for this time of year.

Aren't those patterns great?!? I have a TON of shawls on my must-knit list.

I bought BOTH the book and the download of Mim's book after seeing it at her class at TNNA - fabulous!!!! And I'm waiting breathlessly for #2 of Romi's collection to make it's appearance (not that I have #1 anywhere near started yet...but I DO have the yarn...). I think I could spend the rest of my life just knitting shawls...

As for office temps...I'll admit I'm one of those people who like it just a tad bit warmer than it needs to be to keep meat fresh (really, really cold!). I remember a company I worked for back in the 90s that had a new building built, and they actually tried to arrange the offices by who liked it COLD and who didn't.

At my last place of employment, the Exec. Dir. kept the AC turned down to a ridiculous temp, too. I literally kept a wool fisherman's sweater there for use in the SUMMER, and I never, ever wore socks!

Whoops...I meant, I never, ever wore sandles and ALWAYS wore socks. (Brain fog this AM...)

I have been regularly taking a shawl with me on Mom's Night's just too chilly in most places w/o one.

A/C is supposed to be used to keep people comfortable. Drives me nuts when they crank it down so far that you're frozen when you dress for the season.

I converted 60F and apparently that is only 15C?? That is just ridiculous. I bet these same people turn their heating on when it is actually 15C outside. That aside I am a huge fan of AC but I feel guilty if I set it as low as 21C. Still, the shawls are lovely!

Whoa, 60F??? (could that possibly have anything to do with 'men in suits'?) egads. Bobby seems to think ours should be set at 74F and I keep trying to convince him it should be set higher.
It's Summer, ffs. :^) so yes, I can certainly understand your desire for the pretty shawlettes and those are some Beauties you've linked us to, Thank you! Happy Friday, Margene!

oh how I wish it was cool enough somewhere to actually wear the shawls I have made! hah! Old building that I work in, radiators for heat.. I never turn mine on in my room, and the temp is at 80! (yes, my window is open all winter!) and there's no AC in the summer ;-(
Someday if I come to visit, I'll bring my shawl! hah!

Just popped over and bought the Hamamelis it!! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

Kim's Forever in Blue Jeans is amazing - I have some in Kashmir and I'm working on Rosemary's Brandywine. It's HEAVEN, I tell you!
I have co-workers who have apparently had hot-flashes for the past 7 years I've worked here. My office gets the MOST A/C and I've offered to trade, but no dice.

Shawls to the rescue - and I'm off to check out these new collections! Thank you!

That yarn from Kim is totally fabulous.

Oh my this yarn and in blues of all colors is a must plan changer indeed :)

To your co-workers you should stress the need to save on electricity in order to save our world!

Have a good weekend.

Very cool that Miriam's going to have a book!

Oh, my, are you about to be led astray by some pretty yarn? :)

I love Miriam's book, and Rosemary's idea is fun! I think I would be VERY easily knocked off-track by yarn as gorgeous as that. Happy Weekend, Margene.

Thank you, Margene! I hope you enjoy it. :)

I couldn't agree more, these a/c temps are killing me. And the small shawls are my rescue. First I thought why would I knit so many shawls, living in a warm climate. Well it is warm outside, but never inside.
I started the Hamamelis and look forward to knitting this shawl. Seems like it is a popular design. Have fun.

I remember a courthouse where I used to work where I DEFINITELY needed a shawl against the A/C. I haven't encountered that problem in a very long time, though. I'm usually boiling.

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