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Can it really be? This sock (and a sweater) have been on the needles since February!  FEBRUARY!  You have no idea how wonderful and silly it makes me feel to be this close to finishing something.  The sock is right at 50 row and I need 65 rows before starting the toe decreases. The end is in sight.

TGIF everyone!


Well, at least the colours have not faded. They are still cheerful. May your weekend be the same.

Beautiful fabric! The end in sight is sweet.

That is one gorgeous sock, ma'dear. Just getting to the toe decreases is no small feat!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, you betcha it's a TGIF!!!!!!!!

Sounds like you'll have a new pair of socks by the time the weekend is over. I just hope you don't need to wear them for months!

Go go go!
Love the little pink almost-polka-dots.

No, I totally agree. That IS exciting!

Those socks look like they're celebrating already! You'll have happy feet - for sure - when you wear those socks. Let's just hope. . . you don't have to. . . until fall arrives, that is!

I feel as though all my knitting is in slo-mo these days. Yippee YOU!

Wow, you've been working on that sock as long as I've been working on my SIL's birthday socks! Maybe we'll both finish this weekend. :)

Yeah! Sounds like a great weekend is on the horizon.

push it, margene! you may be able to wear them before summer!

Woo Hoo! I just got back to work on a pair of socks that have been lingering on my needles forever. So good to get them done!

Is it done yet?

Woohoo!! Just keep chugging.

YAY! Progress!! Such a pretty sock!
Have a terrific weekend...

Hooray for progress! Go, go, go!

Whoohoo! Now you know how I feel pretty much all the time...

How fun!!! I can't wait to see you wearing both...yay!!!!

Add my bravo to all the rest! It's a great feeling to be done!

You'll be dancing in these beauties in no time at all...I think you should dance on a table, or a bar, or something a little outrageous to celebrate! I'll be watching for the pictures! :)

Isn't it nice how it doesn't take very much any longer to excite us:) But really, I love the colors and am excited for you.

Yay for finishing things! Such a satisfying feeling. :)

I love that colorway!

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