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"Do... or do not. There is no try."

Everyone has their own definition of process knitting. My definition incorporates all the aspects of knitting; the ups and downs, frogging and forward progress, the good, the bad, the ugly…the all of it. If I thought anything else Sprössling would be stuffed at the bottom of a bag, tossed in the deepest darkest corner of the closet, or she'd completely frogged, the beautiful yarn banished to the bottom of the stash bin.  


None of this would not be her fault, it would be mine, but it's unthinkable for me to give up at this point.  Sprössling means too much to me and our quest must continue. We have been through the fire, our friendship forged like steel, and we can never say die, we will never, never give up...we do not try, we do.


There is a difference between a WIP and a project that's going nowhere, the dreaded UFO. As part of the process I make a thorough assessment and, if I really don't like the project, or the process, if I know it will never grow no matter how long it sits around...the project is frogged. "Grow or go" is my motto. This may seem ruthless or reactionary to some, but too many WIPs feel like albatrosses and I don't believe in UFOs. The focus stays on the process, on each step of the process and it's the journey that matters, not the destination. As the proverb says, your mileage my vary.


When a yarn is heaven, when the pattern is worthy of the effort, I continue to work towards the goal of finishing.  Finishing as part of the process, not "just" the end product.  There can be multiple errors, much back and forth knitting, many said and unsaid "technical terms", but there is progress. 


It may be hard won, but I do not try, I do, and Sprössling grows. (See? A sleeve!)

Master Yoda is very wise.


YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I completely agree and take the same approach. I do not have any UFOs.

Wonderful sentiment, Margene! Life is simply too short to knit projects that aren't working for us. But. It's plenty long enough to keep working the projects that become our beloved "problem children." Sprossling is beautiful -- and will be especially appreciated when complete.

You're almost there!

How pretty is that? I think this is one you are going to wear into rags, you'll love it so much when it's done.

Very, very nice!

My life would be much simpler if I didn't carry the baggage of UFO's..
The sweater will bring you so much pleasure that you'll forget the frogs and feel like a Princess when you wear it.

Well said and well done. It is an interesting pattern, beautiful colour and although I cannot feel it from the screen I am sure that the yarn is very, very soft. You'll feel so much happier finishing Sprossling than frogging her.

Perhaps if I applied this thinking to my knitting (and life!) I would gain some courage - For while you are Yoda, I am often the Cowardly Lion. Brava!

Way to go on the sleeve and for not giving up. She's going to be stunning. I totally agree with the grow or go.

Go, you! It's going to be fantastico.

I'm realizing that one of my WIPs has slipped into UFO status. My first ever. What does one do?

I see we agree on more than just good music! I'm a total process knitter. Your Sprossling is the equal of my Evenstar shawl (will soon be tackling the new skill of beaded knitting - yikes!).

I so admire that about you Margene - you either make a project work, or make the yarn work in another project. You go!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES! :^D

So glad you posted today's comments. I've been feeling a bit guilty about frogging Hamamelis Shawl three days ago. My yarn was too nubby, the pattern required me to really concentrate as every row was different and I couldn't watch TV while knitting it. BOO! Instead I'm using the yarn to try a pattern in Modular Knits by Iris Schreier that I bought on vacation two years ago to Tenn. I love the way it's knitting up. Thanks for reminding us that we can change our minds. I don't like UFO projects either.

Master Yoda would be proud.


this is going to be gorgeous!!!

That WILL be wonderful. I am reassured by watching your progress. It means my multiple 'issues' are normal with WIPs.

Your WIP vs. UFO understanding always, always inspires me to resist starting that next tempting thing if I have too many other tempting things already on the needles/hook. Seriously, I have not started several sweaters because I think "what would Margene do?...She'd stick with this shawl until it's done and then play with the new pattern"!

It will be lovely!

Hahaha, we think alike. I was going to "talk Yoda" in my post today to say something like "give or not give...." but I couldn't think of the appropriate equivalent for "there is no try" to make my analogy.

Was that Greek, or did it make any sense?


Keep at it!

I also believe in frogging when something isn't going anywhere. It's very freeing.

You're really smart, Margene!

I just shove stuff in a bag and ignore it, then I have all these bags everywhere and nothing to knit.

You are so right about the albatrosses. Nobody likes to go back, but sometimes it's the only way to go forward. I have several UFOs, projects that, being honest with myself, I know I've abandoned forever, that I've stuffed into various cavities in my house. While I probably won't make a special effort to unearth them -- since I do have true WIPs on which to make forward progress -- when I do come across them I will be ruthless.

I'm the same way. If I'm not feeling the love, it gets ripped and used for something I do love. Currently I have a fingerless mitt to finish, one already made, Tempest to finish seaming and button bands and the Honeybee cardigan that seems to be nearing completion. I don't like to have more than that on the go at once or I feel too scattered. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Sprossling, I'm sure she'll be worth it!

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