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It's the Sun!

Call Me Cranky

The weekend weather was chilly, rainy, and down right dreary.  Since we just went through the coldest May in 57 years, does that mean we should suffer through the coldest June, too!?  What a year to plant a garden. Everyone, everywhere complains about the weather and I know it's not very zen to do so, but a little sun, once in awhile would be nice. 


There is a mountain in there somewhere...promise.

Poor weekend weather does lead to a fair amount of knitting.  There will be a report, a full report.  I just need to come out of my sulky corner and get a post or two written, pictures taken, too.


or..You could have 90 with horrible humidity..an occasional storm...and HOT sun!
I can assure you Mike would trade you all the sun for all your clouds and cool.

We had rain this weekend, too. It was still warm enough to feel like summer, though.

Here in Northern Virginia (30 miles west of DC), it was 94 yesterday, hot, humid - the air felt "soupy". We are having one of the hottest springs ever.....Trade you!!!

I'm on the other end of the spectrum and I'm feeling a bit grumpy, too. I'm trying to put on my Big Girl panties and suck it in and enjoy whatever I have, but I'm too whiney right now. Maybe tomorrow?

I hope the sun pops out for you soon!!

That was the same weekend we had! It continues today, too. *sigh*

A little crankiness is all part of the process :). We just got back from a wet, dreary weekend in Vermont... wet and dreary, yet fabulous. Did I mention that we left the kids at home?

i feel your pain. it rained all weekend here, too, and i'm actually contemplating a trip to home depot. i've already got 2 cats!

Fingers crossed for some sun for you. The silver lining in your cold weather is all of your cold weather crops must be thriving in Smith's garden. Our weather has been un-summery like too. Barely 60 at best and rain, rain, rain......

Your spring sounds like ours last year here in New England. Just dreary and cold and WET! Hang in there - warm weather is just around the corner.

The sun is the deal. I get it. We've had gray skies for so long. We finally got our sunshine this weekend and I went crazy at the nursery buying plants for patio color bowls. I've got to get them all in pots....the forecast: more rain and clouds midweek. Yep, I know I should embrace the cool weather and feel blessed it's not 90, but no sun? Enough.

The week from here on in looks sunny and warm. We may be onto
something! My first stop on the way home is the nursery for a few
more patio plants. Maybe it will make for a sunnier mood. :-D

It is hard on the garden, but honestly I don't mind it too much because I still get to wear my sweaters and do cold weather knitting. Still, some sun would definitely be nice--it might help me get over this never-ending cold I have. Beautiful photo even if the mountains are hidden. I'm excited to hear about your weekend knitting. I'm sure very soon it will be hot and sunny enough to please and this dreary spring will be a faded memory.

I sat at the Cache Valley Gardner's Market and froze on Saturday. It would be nice if summer would actually come here in Utah.

I wish I could send you some of our hot humid!!
It's a lovely photo if you like gray misty, tho'

The weatherman says we'll have sun today... hope he's right!

I would've gladly shared the warmth with you. My niece flew in, with a stop over in SLC, she said it was COLD there, heh, I already knew that :^) Wishing you some sunny, clear blue skies this week (I think we have your rain today and I'm loving it).
Beautiful photo, btw.

We all deserve to wear our cranky pants from time to time!!! :-) I'm so sorry about the lack of summer! We had a summer-that-was-more-like-winter last year. . . and it was such a bummer. I'm hoping that warm weather and sunshine head your way soon.

every one is allowed to crab sometimes.
must vent now and then to let off steam, then can go back to our ommmmm spots.

It was super nice Saturday and Sunday in Oregon, so I think summer is coming! A day or two, and the warm weather should hit like a ton of bricks!

Wanna trade? It was 97F here yesterday and I'm cranky.


Oy, poor Smith and you too! I hope the sun will decide to grace you with her presence soon.

I feel your pain over here in Colorado. I think sun is on the way though.

Hey there Cranky Pants! Last year was like that for us here, cold and wet June, July, and half of August. I still think it's generally better than living in Syracuse (where I lived for 16 years), which only got off the top 10 cloudy places in the US because of all the large Seattle suburbs. Develop a zeal for slug genocide...

Your summer is starting to sound like the one we had here in the Northest last year. Here's hoping it improves soon!

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