At a Snail's Pace
Blue Monday Blues

A Break in the Weather


Wednesday evening the rain cleared away and the temperature warmed. We were able to sit on the patio while waiting for my sister to arrive. I read a book (a "real" book), while Smith read the paper. It was (almost) quiet, as the birds put up a ruckus and a plane flew miles overhead (maybe next time I hear and see a plane it will have Vicki aboard flying her way to Vegas!). By the way, the book is "The Little Locksmith" and it's an excellent memoir. I’m giving it 5 stars.


My sister arrived and we headed to a favorite place, Lonestar Tacqueria. The late evening still provided enough warmth for an enjoyable dinner on their patio.  Smith and Neena refused to pose, so the lone star atop the building will suffice.  Dinner was excellent, but it would be nice if they carried GF beer.


Thursday the wind was blowing (again) and clouds filled the valley. It didn't look like there would be another evening on the patio, but by afternoon the weather cleared. I had the pleasure of sipping a screwdriver and listening to my iPod. The book in my is ear "The Graveyard Book" and, oh my, I love this book!  It’s creepy, funny, exciting, silly, scary (at times) and total off the wall. Listening means my hands are free for knitting and I resurrected the only WIP in my stash.

The weather forecast for the weekend is for more rain, more cold, more drear.  It would be nice to have more than a day or two on the patio.  Maybe next week we'll see the sun.


Here I am on the otherside of the world (Australia). It is Autumn here, we are leaving Summer behind us and heading towards Winter.... and yet the weather at the moment is practically the same as you have described. It amazes me...I'm sure it will be a different story in a couple of weeks time!Take care and enjoy the sunshine!

Everything in its time. We just finished rain, will have sun, then the rain returns quickly. The plants will be happy.

I just picked up Locksmith. Blogger recommendation. Looking forward to it (I got two pages in last night before I slept.)

It sounds like you are making the most of the good weather when you have it. It makes us appreciate it more, right? Yesterday here was gorgeous. Blue sky, 70s, no humidity - I wish every day could be just like it!

At this time of year, we need to grab that patio-time whenever we can find it! Sounds like you're making the most it. Hope you get more of it soon. . .

I love the breaks in the dreary weather. Before the kids came along I liked the rainy days too--good chances to curl up inside. Now, they just make us all stir crazy. :)

Dearheart, it is still spring. Soon summer will be upon us and we will be outside all the time. Really and truly. Until then, it sounds like you're coping well;-P It was 61 yesterday and tomorrow it will be 85. See? It's coming.

I'm a margarita fan, but I love to pour a little beer into it to kill the sweet. We call them beereritas. I've yet to find a GF beer in town, but need to find one before the weather causes me to get "lime-fever!" Gaiman is on my list to read this summer. I hope that you enjoy your sisters visit despite the weather.

I Love the Graveyard Book! Bought it the instant it was released.

Sounds like you have had some excellent relaxation lately.

Are you sure you don't live in Ohio? Rain...cold...drear...typical Ohio weather 6-9 months out of the year, punctuated only by ice/cold/snow and heat/humid/more heat and humid.

More places need to cary gf beer! :)

I have The Graveyard Book (signed) on my TBR shelf...

Ah, Lonestar.

Oh my...rain everywhere..we had ONE good day yesterday!
I LOVE the photo of the IPod and sock. THOSE BLUES!!!
Have a great weekend!

If you feel something funny in the air on Sunday afternoon, it's me... I'll be blowing kisses over Utah!!
Happy Weekend, Margene! ; )

It's still rainy and cold here too. :( Sounds like you had a lovely time, though!

Sounds like a lovely few days.

Wishing you warmer weather soon! We just finished up with some rip snorting weather and now headed into the 90s.
Finally finished The Likeness, enjoyed it every bit if not more than In The Woods! Thank you! Will be keeping my eye out for The Graveyard Book, I do enjoy 'creepy, funny, exciting, silly, scary (at times) and total off the wall' ;^)
Here's to Good Times!

Thanks for the recommendation of the Graveyard Book. I got some Border's Bucks and picked up the book yesterday. It is a fun read. It's dreary here today, perfect book weather, so I am sitting on the deck, wrapped up in an afghan and reading. Hubs is such a golfer,even in this weather (no rain, but not nice) so I have six hours of glorious reading time. Thanks again.

Just realized Border's Books is local here to SE Michigan. Border's Bucks is rebate money from buy books throughout the year. The internet makes the world so much smaller, not all things in my little corner of the world translate to other parts.

So glad to hear you liked "The Graveyard Book". As a public librarian I read a lot of books and the thing that I liked best about "The Graveyard Book" was how often I was surprised by the turn of the story. A very enjoyable read.

I'm flying to San Francisco next Friday and will drop some of our southern New England weather over you...bright blue skies,sunny, warm (but not hot), lots of outdoor dining (and drinking!). A perfect ten in the weather department! But no GF beer here...sorry! How about a Sam Adams? :)

Thanks for another great book recommendation...I'm going to pick it up this week!

It better clear up by the middle of June is all I have to say!

I am so. ready. for. spring1 Spindle Camp was cold, windy and even rainy at times... glad I was very close to home and came just for the day Friday and Saturday. Soon....

We've had a spell of gorgeous weather up here - and in Vermont that's so rare that we TRULY appreciate it!
I loved the Graveyard Book. Gaiman is one of my favorite authors!

I, too, loved The Graveyard Book. Picked it up on CD for a car trip---it was a spellbinding tale and made the 10-hr trip fly by.

I could listen to Neil Gaiman read the phone book.

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