Monday Woes Continued
The Weekend Was Great


That looks very inviting! Enjoy your weekend.

I'm reading Rachael's book, too! I didn't get a whole bunch of reading done on vacation, but some... It's a fun read!

Thanks! You too!

Excellent. enjoy!

Oooh! I have that book, too. I don't think there will be time for reading this weekend, though. Maybe next week.

Have a great weekend!

Hmmm, sounds good, make mine a red wine though and a doily to knit :-). As long as I don't spill the wine on the doily which is a constant worry of mine.

I'll probably enjoy some reading and tea this weekend too - but mine will be iced!

How lovely, restful and rejuvenating. Enjoy, dearheart.

Ah.... May it revitalize you!

Sounds lovely. Enjoy your long weekend!


It's a great book and I bet it won't take you all weekend to read it.

Same to you!

Wonderful! Have a super weekend!

How very lovely! I just found a great book at a thrift store published by the makers of Koigu (mother and daughter, though I can't pronounce their names, let alone spell them)... I will be lingering over it and my knitting. Still awfully chilly here, but the weather is supposed to warm up by Monday:)

Enjoy the book. I finished it about a week ago and am now reading Sweater Quest.

I hope your weather is kind and your book is engaging!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you, too! Curling up with a book sounds like the perfect idea this weekend.

have a glorious, gentle weekend.

We're moving on Tuesday, so this will NOT be a nice restful weekend! But I have the book and the mug and the tea packed carefully away in the "First box to be opened" after we arrive box. I figure once we're actually there, in the new house, I can take my time unpacking and organizing, and I will deserve a little R & R by then.

Barbara M.

Happy weekend, Margene! As always, our weekend is jammed with too many activities. I'd love to just sit with my knitting, but no such luck...

Ewwww I love that teacup!! I must read these knitting fiction books. I hope you have a wonderful calming weekend.

What a great wway to spend the weekend!! Enjoy :)

Looks perfect, Margene. I hope you have a good rest!

Wow what a perfect way to spend a long weekend. Enjoy every moment

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