Blue Skies
Lovely Weekend


We got home from DC Wednesday night to the smell of lilacs. Love this time of year.

Our lilacs have come and gone, but I love them while they are here. Have a wonderful weekend, Margene.

Beautiful picture, Margene. I can't smell the lilacs, with I could.

Oh, Msrgene, what a fantastically composed shot! Lilacs in the foreground and mountains in the background - it doesn't get any better than that.

Mmmmm, wishing I could bury my face in those! Beautiful!

Beautiful shot!! It looks like we're going to have a chilly week here...

I love lilacs. They are my favorite part of spring! We planted one for each of the girls in the backyard to commemorate their births.

We had a fabulous lilac season here in Ohio, but sadly, it's over for another year. Wishing were out your way so I could savor them just a bit longer...

What a beautiful photo. The lilacs have already come and gone here on the Central Coast of California. I can't look at one and not think of my mother who loved them so much.

Gary's lilacs are in full bloom already. I'll be out planting stuff later today!


There's nothing like the smell of lilacs. Sadly though, they don't last long enough. Is that so we appreciate them more knowing it will be another year before we can enjoy them again?

What a beautiful shot. I can almost hear Julie Andrews singing!

What a gorgeous photo!!!!!!

EXCELLENT photo! My lilacs are just open here, too.

Our lilacs have come and gone as well. *Love* seeing yours with the wonderful backdrop :o)

SO pretty!!!

So glad yours made it! Mine got pummeled by hail last week, just as they were starting to open up their fragile little flowers... they are a true sign that spring really IS in the making!

Gorgeous view! I bet the fragrance is wonderful, too!

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