Blue Monday Blues
Tea and a Book...

Monday Woes Continued


The week started out on the wrong foot.  Mother Nature saw fit to give us a record breaking snowfall.  Two inches covered the garden and, worse than that, the temperatures dropped from 39 to 32 degrees in just a couple of hours. 


Smith scrambled to make sure all the plants were safe from the cold and snow.  The garden looked like the circus had come to town. (Thank goodness the snow melted quickly.) 


The lilac sugar I started earlier this month needed to be twice sifted to remove the lilac flowers.  Smith can taste just a teeny, tiny hint of lilac, but I can't taste more than just plain ol' sweet sugar. A sprinkle on raspberries made them taste like raspberries with sugar.  Maybe if the sugar hadn't been organic the experiment might have turned out better (?) but, for now, I'm calling it a fail. No sugar appears to have been hurt in the episode so, at least it's usable.


Monday night was book club but, while having dinner with friends, I learned I'd read the wrong book.  I read "The Little Locksmith" (and I'm glad I did) instead of "Let the Great World Spin", which I'll read right after "Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest". 

Sunday one of my BFF's, Shelley, fell and broke her ankle.  She'll need surgery and a long convalescence.  Hospitals are a good place to be when you need them, but they sure aren't fun. Please send quick healing thoughts her way.

The weekend weather doesn't look great, but I took Friday off, so let's look on the bright side... Sprössling grows and bad weather could lead to more knitting and spinning (and reading). Not a bad thing at all.


I'm sorry your weather is being bitchy! We've had the opposite with record highs - and I'm not complaining one bit. Your raspberries look delicious, even if they didn't taste like lilac.

I forgot to tell you about veggie plants and impending/ actual frosts. Take empty one gallon water or milk jugs and cut the bottoms off and place over each plant. You may have to push the jug a bit into the ground. It'll act like a mini green house. If they are bigger inverted 5 gallon buckets works too. Looks like Smith fashioned some great protection! Hope your plants survived Mother Nature's bad call. She really needs to be reminded that it IS Spring now.

Send Shelley my best.....been there, done that, and I know what it's like! Now, can't you DO something about this weird weather?!

Poor Shelley. Many good vibes and sunny skies coming her way from Middle Earth. What a colorful and cheery protective coating for Smith's garden. I'm hoping that since spring is being so darned fickle, that summer will head your way in a hurry. It's so hard to go with the flow when the flow isn't going your way, isn't it? Hugs!

Interesting about the lilac sugar. I tried this with lavender and rose petals a few years back and had some success, but yet I never used the sugar and ended up throwing it all away.

Smith did a good job of covering stuff up, and I'm sure it'll all be fine!

Today I'm determined to get your syrup packaged up and sent!!!

I am so sorry about the snow and cold. It's just such . . . a bummer. . . this late in the year. Here's hoping sunny, blue skies and warm temperatures will soon be headed your way. And all of my healing wishes to Shelley!

Snow! I'd trade for snow right about now. We are in the 90s. Plants are dying. Greens are bolting prematurely.

Good healing thoughts out Shelley's way. Crutches are so not fun, especially in the summer.

Geez! Snow? That is JUST NOT RIGHT. :P

Lots of good thoughts headed out to Shelley!

Sending healing thoughts to Shelley! Glad Smith got the plants covered - we were having record-breaking high temps (96F) and lots of humidity on Monday.

Here's hoping you have good weather this weekend, whatever the forecast says.

Well there's a switch - we had temps in the 90's and you got our May-surprise snow. How odd.

The snow hit us on Saturday. It was beautiful and warmish yesterday, but Mother Nature is not done with us yet. Storms predicted today and tomorrow. It's coming your husband keeps putting plants into the garage as he's not felt confident enough to put them in the ground.
Sending your pal Shelley good vibes for a positive recovery.

Sending Shelley my best for a short hospital stay and fast mending/healing. Snow in late May. looks like Smith has done a good job in the garden though, he's a natural :^) Havala made lavender cupcakes last weekend, made the lavender sugar and infused milk with lavender. very subtle, very pretty, she adorned with edible flowers :^) Wishing you a wonderful long weekend however it shakes out :^)

Hope Shelley's ankle heals good as new. Snow? Lucky you...the humidity festival has begun here in Ohio. Ugh...

The weather this year has been INSANE. I'm sorry you got hit with a freak snowstorm, but as you point out, a little extra knitting and spinning time isn't such a bad thing. It's going to be 93 here today! Yowza!

My copy of THe Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest just came in at the library and I am putting all other books aside to get to it! Can't wait to read it.

And here you thought you had too much lilac in the sugar. Strange.

Ack. Hugs to Shelley. Hope she heals quickly. Please give her my regards.

Frankly? That plan for your weekend sounds divine!!!
And those raspberries look scrumptious.

I'm glad the snow didn't last long.

wth? Snow now??? Crappy weather....

And how strange that the sugar didn't turn out...? Hmmm....maybe more lilacs next time? I dunno, I have tried making vanilla sugar and lavendar sugar and both worked pretty well.

Poor Shelley. And that snow storm was depressing.

Oh that weather is just awful!

Snow in May? What a crazy weather !!! Here it is a little bit warm with some rain showers. The weekend weather was excellent.


Here in Toronto it is record breaking heat,,, the world is going crazy I tell you.
Your weekend plans sound excellent to me! Enjoy :)

Maybe more flowers and less sugar next year. ;^)

Mother Nature really is on a tear this year, isn't she?

Poor Shelley. I hope everything goes as painlessly and quickly as possible.


Oy! And I was complaining about the rain!

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