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Lovely Weekend

My camera isn't quite as good at macros, as Carole's or Vicki's (OK, it's terrible!), but I did give it the old collage try. 

The only picture that turned out well is this white lilac. The others were fuzzy with bad color.  The lilac is lovely enough, but better success was mine with the close up feature.

After reading Eat My Yard's entry on lilac sugar and, perusing all the lovely lilac bushes around the condo, I decided to give it a try. The house was filled with the scent of lilacs as I placed the petals between layers of sugar and I hope it tastes as lovely as it smelled.


Every 24 hours you give the bottle a little shake and, after two weeks, strain the sugar to discard the petals. The essence of lilac is there to sprinkle over strawberries, cookies are anything else you want.

Since the weather turned a little warmer this weekend, Smith spent time in his garden and I tagged along. He's the far figure in this picture. Another gardener has put up the very attractive scarecrow.


Rain is in the forecast and the temperatures could drop.  Unlike Norma, we are not fearless, so the tomatoes and peppers will be planted next weekend.  

Not sure if blog laryngitis will continue as there isn't much knitting content to share.  However, I did root around the stash because Susan finally published Fog Lifter Zzzzzzzzzyarnball. (You must check out Laurie's shawl knit with Kim's yarn. It's lovely!)


The perfect stash yarn presented itself, but the only thing I remember about this gorgeous yarn is Susan dyed it long ago. Maybe it will help to lift my fog.



That sounds like a very nifty sugar treatment. I hope it is as tasty as I am imagining.

More tempting with the pretty shawls? I like that lace, and it will look so lovely in that yarn.


Thank you for the pictures. I was so wishing the screen were scratch and sniff because the lilacs looked so fresh and fragrant.

I had never heard of lilac sugar. What a wonderful idea. Please let us know how it tastes (if that is even possible). And, Foglifter in that color will be beautiful. And, a very wise dear friend once told me it's the process, right? Knitting is not the reason (or only one anyway;-P)that I read your blog.

Your photos are lovely! I bet that lilac sugar will be wonderful.

Mmmmm, lilac sugar! I've done lavender sugar, and it was WONDERFUL on shortbread and sugar cookies, though I should not be indulging in those things. I think I shall get some lilacs this morning and do this. And I'm also wondering if lilacs would make decent jam like my rose petals. Hmm, off to Google it now!

Knitting? Please define. (heh-heh)

Also, I love that you had to explain that the scarecrow was not Smith. LOL LOL LOL (And the funniest part is that if you had NOT, I WOULD have thought that was him...)

That sugar sounds DEE-VINE! My lilacs are blooming right now too, so I might try a batch for myself!

Your Lilac sugar sounds wonderful and your pictures look pretty darn good too!

I'm lost in some knitting-fog of my own! Nothing seems to be working right at this moment, and I'm not terribly inspired. Maybe it's time to just . . . let it settle in around me for awhile. The lilac sugar sounds wonderful! Too bad our lilac blooms are already finished this year.

I think it's okay to blog about other-than-knitting stuff. But that's just me; it's your blog.

I have a lilac out front, it turns out. A hulking bunch of sticks in bad, bad need of pruning. So badly in need of pruning that I didn't even know what it was until I suddenly noticed the leaves and the flower buds the other day. I have some vanilla sugar working in the cupboard -- maybe I'll add some lilacs too and make it vanilla-lilac sugar. That would make an interesting yogurt!

Ah, the gardening is under way! Smith will love it. We're going to wait at least another week before putting the tomatoes in the ground. Boise's getting some more low temps early in the week. But I have plans to get potatoes in the ground (ala garbage bags via Norma) if I find a free afternoon this week.

Your yarn color is so cheerful. I hope fog lifter does the trick!

I've never heard of lilac sugar. Huh.

We had snow Friday night. Or so I hear. I refused to look out the window. :)

Your flower photos ARE beautiful - and I'm so intrigued by the lilac sugar.... hmmm.

The lilac sugar sounds quite interesting - I'll be interested to hear how it turns out. I DID fearlessly plant this weekend, thinking the rain would be a good thing. But I've been afraid to go out and look this morning - I was woken up by torrential pouring rain and wind early this morning.

i hope the lilac sugar turns out - my foray into lavendar creme brulee wound up tasting like soap - they are one of my favorite plants, that i cannot seem to grow - i was fearless, and put in my veggies over the weekend - i have a feeling herrmann will be out covering them tomorrow

I wish I had stolen some lilacs from your condo on Saturday. My bush died and I miss having a bunch in the house as the ultimate "welcome spring" flower.

Oh my goodness, your photos -- and your lilacs -- are beautiful! I'm joining the chorus in terms of lilac sugar -- I've never heard of it! I think I'd love it just for the scent; those cut flowers just don't last.

That does it - I'm heading off to the nursery to buy lilacs - lilac sugar must be heaven in a jar!

blog laryngitis. I'm stealing that.

That lovely yarn would lift ANY gray fog! Bea-u-ti-ful!

And lilac sugar? I've seen it done with lavender, so why not!

(both lilac photos are great, so pretty, I missed out on lilacs this year, as there's not one near my place - sigh)

That will be a lovely shawl. I adore that color. Can't wait to get the pattern.

I think your photos shown are Beautiful!!! and yes, on the lilac sugar, I really enjoy Eat My Yard! Mmmm. that's gorgeous yarn!

Lilac sugar! How wonderful.

That yarn is gorgeous and will make a wonderful shawl. Fingers crossed for the gardening.

I'm going to make some lilac sugar for my daughter; thanks for the idea! What is that stunning pink yarn?

oh-whoops, you said- Susan dyed it long ago. Love it! It will make a lovely shawl.

I wish my lilacs hadn't gotten damaged by the hail a week ago, so I could try that! Your photos are beautiful. I feel much like you do... wanting to plant, but knowing it would be the worst thing. It is raining cats and dogs, again! Stay cozy:)

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