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Garden 101

Smith's garden is growing well and he's pleased with his progress and the garden's progress. He has planted peas, onions, beets, Brussels Sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots...and more!  Cucumbers, squash and maybe melons will find their way to the garden this week.  Smith is on a roll, leaning as he goes and having a grand time. (He wears a hat when working, no worries.)


Yay, Smith!!! What a great way to spend your spring. He needs a hat. That sun shines too brightly.

I think this is fantastic!

Fun, fun, fun for you both! I giggled reading the hat comment. That was my first thought on opening the post. And he sunscreens his arms too, right?

Yay Smith! What a wonderful and fearless start!

There is absolutely nothing better than home-grown veggies and fruit! The garden's looking really great!

My goodness! Go, Smith!

Ah, fond memories of my first garden...

it's going to be a yummy summer!! better get your canning jars ready :)

Lovely garden and gardener! :)

Wow - that's a lot of stuff! Hope his thumb turns out to be really green this year.

Good for Smith!! You both are going to have so much fun! I just bought my plants and seeds yesterday and will spend the next few days hardening off the plants and then get them in the garden. :-)

Have fun!!

Woo Hoo!

Oh my goodness. LOVE!! I can't wait to hear about your first harvest!

What a lovely garden! What a fun growing season you and Smith will have -- with an even better harvest time.

I can't wait to see what your garden produces. I am really enjoying mine this year and I chose a lot of the same veggies.

I have so much hope for all of the gardens this year!


Yummm, fresh vegetables from your own garden this summer.

gardens are really fun - Go Smith!
(ps> be prepared to get addicted to his fresh veggies M - there's just nothin' quite as good!)

We've got radishes, lettuces, beans, peas, and marigolds. Still too chill for the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant.

Most excellent. I am going to start some herb seeds tomorrow. It's my day off, and it's going to rain, so the timing is good.

YAY!!! Everything looks great, and yes, I'm glad he wears a hat!

That is just great! I am so pleased for both of you, being such a dyed-in-the-mud gardener myself.

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