A Break in the Weather
Monday Woes Continued

Blue Monday Blues


Months ago I made promise (to myself) that something blue would always be on my needles. The promise hasn't been broken, but the project has been sitting, waiting quietly, in the knitting basket. Socks haven't called to me for some time, as Mr. Sock Mojo is on hiatus again. Where he goes and who he spends time with is a mystery to me, but it's evident he isn't here. Therefore, Carole's Picot SockRav_linkredyarnball fell off my radar. I tell myself it won't be sock weather for several more months and it's OK to wait (although I did wear socks a couple of times last week).


It goes against my nature to have a UFO sitting around and knew I had to get back to the sock.  When I took a peek into the pretty blue Wee Bunny Bag I was surprised to find one sock completely finished!  My memory isn't as clear as it once was and I had no idea we had come so far. Another big plus was the leg of the second sock was nearly complete, too. The sweet blue sock is now out of hiding and will be worked on here and there.


Several blue yarns wait in the stash and almost all of them want to be lace. A siren's call comes from Flydesign Lacewing with her seductive and glorious shades of ocean blue. She cries to be made into the Hamamelis Shawl, but I’m trying to cover my ears. Sprössling will only grow if I stay true to her and, at this point, her lace is all I can handle. Soon, my dear blue Lacewing, soon.


Lucia left a comment some time ago to say the pansy was once called heartsease.  The blue pansies on my patio are filling the pot. They were a bright spot on the patio during a weekend of dreary weather.


Hurrah for the socks being further along than you remembered! (My memory, sadly, works the other way - I think I'm quite far along, but I find that I've actually barely started...)

A perfectly beeutiful Blue Monday!!

O HAI! I love the blue pansies too. And any other color, for that matter, but especially the blue and purple ones.

Lace Wing. *Want*. It's the same way whenever I go on a diet: temptation is everywhere.

I hope that this attraction to blue doesn't reflect a new melancholy of the spirit.... though I am in love with your pansies too.

no wonder I love pansies so... heartsease - a lovely name
and me thinks that mr sock mojo was knitting in the closet on that sock in the bag. hah! send him to my house!

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