Sprössling Returns
Saturday Lilacs


Fantastic photo! We're still unseasonably warm here.

Last week was fine, with sun. With the weekend it became cold and windy. Seems as if April came back.
I look forward for the sun !!!


Our "pom pom " trees are starting to fade. I love when the pink petals fall on the ground. Last night when I walked, I felt like a bride. Enjoy your week.

Great photo! I have a Kwanzan cherry tree too. The blooms on mine are starting to go by. During a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon many turned into pom-pom confetti. Glad things are better for you.

Here's hoping you get some real spring soon!

Warm for three days in a row. By Friday, back to the chill. Your sky and flowers are breathtaking. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure sign that spring may (finally!) be on the way! Here's wishing you blue skies and sunshine.

We have a very large cherry tree on our property...it's just beautiful! Eighty degrees here last weekend...summer is almost here! :)

The Japanese celebrate the cherry blossom season to help us appreciate and understand the fragility of life...and to enjoy every minute of our journey! Seems to me that we should do this every day of the year! Enjoy!

I was going to try for a haiku about your "pom-poms" but apparently I'm undercaffeinated, so you only get one line:

Pretty pink pom-poms.

You're welcome.

Really pretty picture. Terrific perspective!

I love Kwanzan cherry trees!

Beautiful! I find myself wanting to bury my face in those blossoms. I'm glad to hear all is well. we'll hit 80something today, 90 tomorrow (which I would gladly send some of that your way) then back to cooler temps for the weekend.

We had that perfect blue sky yesterday. The weekend...rain and more rain. We were lucky, though, compared to our friends in Nashville.

Oh that's just a perfect photo!

It's always nice to know all is well..I'm easy to satisfy..and not too demanding..but a gorgeous pix..My Rhodos. are in bloom and so pretty..wish they had been a week later..and there's 2 hydrangeas that are getting close to popping out..I love those too.

Gorgeous flowers!! We have crazy winds and it's a little chilly...

Lovely photo. Glad to hear all is well.

What a lovely photo!

your photo is gorgeous! We have crabapple trees blooming and it is a pink world of wonder.

What a beautiful picture...in some of my favorite colors!

It was blue and slightly chill earlier but now it's getting cloudy.


beautiful tree!! i was just out to the dogpark and it was frigid!!

What a lovely picture!

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