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A Break in the Weather

At a Snail's Pace

The dense fog has been lifting, and while a mist is still with me, it seems I've entered a clearing. There has been some back and forth knitting, a bit of tinking, and much careful reading of the pattern, but there is now visible progress. 

  The correct right front has been completed, with the waist shaping in the right place, the armscye correctly executed, Waistshapingonfront and the neck shaping remembered. (whew!)  It looks "right" and I am very pleased, as this is the second time it's been knit. Everything about the first time was wrong (you know how it is, right?). Sadly it was then knit, and then reknit, up to the armscye.  Why didn't I learn the first time (or the second)?  The third time turned out to be the charm (or was it the fourth?).

While comparing notes, albeit a little late, and looking over the already finished back, I realized there needed to be an, that's where Sprössling sits, the back shoulder shaping being reknit, but each one of us ready to move forward.

Props must be given to Kim's fabulous Kashmir yarn.  It was knit into another sweater, frogged, and then soaked to remove the kinks. The yarn looked like new and it is now holding up very well to my knitting, ripping and knitting again.  The yarn is so soft it's amazing how tough it is, too.


The pattern is well laid out, perfectly written, with a simple, easy to read chart for the lace.  This begs the question (sorry Norma, I just had to), why was my brain unable to understand the instructions? Why couldn't I decipher the pattern properly?  In any case, a light came through the fog and I can see clearly now. The second (left) front should move along more smoothly.  I won't say easily, as I know are pitfalls ahead, if I can remember where they are.


It must be the after-effects of the narcosis. I remember similar difficulties in understanding a pattern (or even worse: calculating the correct number of stitches!)for almost a year afterwards. Anyway, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy knitting with this beautiful yarn for a looooong time.
(That snail is so cute.)

Looks so'll have us all singing that song:
I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-shiny day.....

You will treasure that sweater after working so darned hard on it. I have mental fog issues fairly regularly;-P

I'm so glad it's going well now! And it's a great testimony to Kim's yarn that it has withstood the frogging and tinking and knitting!

Glad the fog is lifting. That must be very frustrating. Not uncommon post-op. Your persistence is admirable and Kim's yarn delicious.

I love, love the color of your yarn. I'm glad to read you are feeling a stronger sense of clarity. This is such a lovely finished sweater; I wish I had the talent to attempt it.

That sweater is going to be beautiful! I'm happy to hear that the fog is lifting.

I wish I could find a way to use "begs the question" in my reply, but I'm only on the first cup of coffee and my morning fog is holding quite firm. I hope you'll chuckle just knowing that I wanted to...
; )

I know it feels good to be on the "right" track again.

It really is going to be beautiful when it's finished - hopefully well worth the angst!

This will be such a beautiful sweater, and now I can't wait to work with my own Woolen Rabbit. :)

Glad to read you are "seeing clearly" again! I would add a melody, "It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiney day!"...but it's raining like bejeezus here in Ohio. I can't even remember what the sun looks like.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the left front goes smoothly.
I've had my butt kicked by simple well-written patterns, and I've flown through complicated badly-written patterns. You just never know...

This one will be better. Your mind is clearer now because the fog has lifted. Which DOES beg the question. ;-)

Wow, this sweater is definitely contrary - good for you for persevering!

Hmm, I wouldn't have tried that sweater period, let alone within a year of heart surgery! There is a definite fog, whether from the drugs or the by=pass side effects. The good news is that it will get better and better! Looks like you are past the worst of it and that sweater is going to be stunning!

it will be a beautiful FO!!!


I must have frogged about 3 sweater's worth of knitting during NaKniSweMoDo -- definitely not fun. Sleep deprivation and a baby who didn't sleep through the night for the first year were the culprits in my case, but when you're a project-minded knitter, that much frogging is hard!

The sweater is beautiful -- I look forward to FO pictures!

It is going to be one lovely sweater, well worth all the effort.

The yarn is beautiful and a great color, and the sweater is looking FABulous! And I learned a new word, armscye. Who knew. Well, some of you knew, but not me!

It's gorgeous - glad it's coming along better!

I hope the fog stays lifted!

I think that lovely sweater will be completely worth all the trouble! It is just beautiful. (We're always most proud when our "Problem Children" turn out right!)

I think there are patterns like that. For whatever reason, they just don't click for us and are more of a struggle than they should be. I'm so glad that the fog is clearing and you're back on track.

I think it just happens that way sometimes. Glad to see this sweater is making progress so that you can count on wearing it on those dusky summer evenings when you and Smith are out picking the fruits of his gardening labors!

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