Perils of Margene (Part III)
Farmer Smith

Spreading the News

After all the work it took to save my sanity, I decided to take a little break and tell you the news I've heard this week. Friends helping friends...if you will...

Anne's Wooly Wonka Shop is (finally) back in business with many gorgeous hand dyed yarns and fibers.  In the future Anne will also feature exclusive clubs and kits. My stash is going to grow, I can feel it now.

Jane is having contest to celebrate her first year of being cancer free (may she have dozens more)!  All you need to do is comment on her April 4th post (by April 28th, her birthday!) and for every comment received she'll give a donation to the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation

I hear tell that Kim is adding new spring colorways to her Woolen Rabbit shop. I know it's green, but I'm rather fond of Dandelion.


The boyz are handsome again! They now look more like princes than scruffy mutts.  (The look on their face's is brought to you by bribery.)


I'm not big fan of whimsy, but the mug on the left has been a constant companion for years. I love its sentiment ("Oh, I'm fine. Just fine. Perfectly fine. Really I'm fine. Fine.) and recently, as happens when you're not careful, the lip was chipped. The thought of having tea without Mary Engelbreit was unimaginable. The mug on the right is my new morning companion.  It says, "All Will Be Well".  Yes it will.


I'm glad Anne is vending again! And the puppies are so sweet!

Thank you for the mention, Margene! And I think I must have the All Will Be Well mug, because that's been my mantra throughout this journey!

One of my new favorite mugs is the one you sent me that has a hidden message inside: Ewe silly ass. Heeeeeeee.

Thanks, Margene - for the shout-out. I'm off to Jane's corner of the world next.

Your boys are adorable. Thanks for the smile.

The mug on the left is good enough to drink out of chipped. Unless it's a lip-cutting chip, of course. NO mug is worth that!

I'm happy to hear that Wooly Wonka is back in business! It has made me a little sad to see the handful of fiber twists I have from her, thinking about how I wouldn't be able to get more. Yay!

I'm so glad Anne's back in business. I adore the picture of the "boyz". I find bribery the best way to make things happen. And, I do love your new Mary Englebreit mug. Happy Friday, Margene!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning Margene. It's so good to turn on my computer and find a another new post from you. You help me start my day with a big smile! The boyz look great! Have a great weekend!

Whether well groomed Princes or Scruffy, they're Beautiful Boyz! Oddly I do enjoy whimsical (in moderation) and love your mugs. (I'm reading In the Woods)

LOL - yay for bribery! :)

Why is it that only beloved mugs get chipped?!

The boyz look beeutiful!! My favorite mug is the pottery mug I bought while visiting with you in Utah. :-)

Bribery works wonders - the boys look gorgeous!

Such pretty boys.

I love the mug on the left. That's my standard answer to anyone who questions me. Fine! Just fine! Fine.



Oh, Pretty Boys! They look so fine. :-) Love the mugs - both of them. What a nice way to begin the day.

Love the boys and the mugs. Have a great weekend!

Doggies are darling. You are such the enabler. I just ordered some yarn from Wooly wonka, and I feel fortunate to be able to share in some small way Jane's joy. Thank you for sharing and enjoy the weekend!

Margene, you enabler, you!!! I know have three MORE blogs to read every day! LOL! I, too, love that Dandelion colorway and will have to resist hard not to order right NOW! :-) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

So glad that Anne is back with WW..I've missed her lovely items..kept looking and no updates ...had me worried..I'll run over to see her today..
Thanks for the photo of your handsome boyz..they are quite prince material!
Enjoy your week~

I hate chipping a favorite cup... but the new one is lovely.

All will be well indeed.. and every day better and better for you!

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