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Sprössling Returns

Did you think poor Sprössling would ever return from the jungles of DeNile?  Now that I'm behaving well and, finally, keeping my head about me, Sprössling is growing nicely, however, a little more slowly than we'd both like.  Anne's pattern is well written and ALL problems have been of my own making.  Sprössling isn't very happy about that, but she'll survive and, hopefully, thrive!


For some unknown reason I started the right front, but knit the shaping for the left. How on earth? Ya, I know! AND, the armscye shaping was correct, IF it had truly been the right front.  But, the thing was, I knit the waist shaping in the wrong place, on the wrong side of the piece and, well...what the hell was I thinking?! (Yes, this is all confusing, how do you think I feel?)  Welcome to my brain!  Perhaps, the error was constant dropping of pattern pages, not marking the pattern well, taking too few notes, not keeping my head about me and, therefore, getting lost in jungle.


The error of gauge was also my own...yes, YET another error.  Instead of keeping the correct needle in my bag, it had been put away. PUT does one put away needed needles!?  One thing I'm very good at is making errors, multiple errors. Thank the knitting goddess Sprössling and I finally made our way back from the dark side.  We rode the waves and now we're moving into smooth waters.


These type of errors sound so familiar; you're not alone! Perseverance is the key.

Knitting can be so frustrating sometimes! I hope your waters stay smooth from this point forward.

It must be catchy...I just found myself in the same mess with my granddaughter's sweater...despite my "stupid little string tags"! I used the wrong size needles on a 14 stitch right front border (two sizes smaller than the left front)and never noticed until the sweater was put together! Damn! I swear I spend more time frogging than I do knitting! Where is my head?

May all our problems be small and fixable (like knitting!)...happy weekend!

Oh, Lordy. It seems we all have these stories. I've come to the conclusion it's just part of the process!

Maybe the victory will be even sweeter, remembering the struggle? Because I bet the two of you are going to make an absolutely stunning pair.

But, our intrepid heroine, Margene, persevered and won!!!!!

So glad you're riding the tide, Margene, and continuing on with Sprossling. It's going to be a beautiful sweater. (And I think that if we're going to make knitting mistakes, they might as well be SPECTACULAR knitting mistakes!) :-D

This is going to look stunning on you when all is done! The process certainly sucks sometimes.

Your persistence is inspiring. Enjoy the rest of the journey with calm winds.

I'm pretty sure I would've given up LONG ago on this one!

It's always good to hear that I'm not the only one. ;)

This tortured and twisted path sounds just like one of my adventures - the one where I ran out of yarn - handspun yarn - had to order more fiber and spin it, so that when I got back to the sweater a month later I couldn't remember what I was doing, then knit the second sleeve on the needles for the ribbing, etc. etc. etc. Welcome to my world!

ps. It all turns out well in the end and the view will be gorgeous at the top.

May the waters remain smooth. Happy Weekend!

hmmm, dare I write this? in true Jon Stewart style.... Clusterfucking to Sprössling? (sorry :^) It happens. Welcome to the smooth sailing waters :^)

Here's hoping it's calm waters from here on in.

Why do I feel like you need a clipboard or some such to help you keep control of that pattern?


You definitely are not alone. ;o) Sprossling shall be beautiful when you are done!

Want to hear a good one? When I knit Rogue for the first time, I was so anxious to do the hood that I picked up and knit as soon as I sewed the shoulder seams. Had the whole thing knitted (and kitchenered at the top, ends woven and all) when I discovered that I'd put a full twist in one of the fronts when I joined the shoulder. Had to rip out the entire hood, undo the shoulder seam, untwist, and start over.
We all haz the storiez...

What a difficult situation! So glad you are back in the game together:)

Glad you two are getting on better and seem to be past the rough waters.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like that. :)

I really do hope that you're headed for smoother waters soon. That's a lot of drama for one sweater.

More photos, please, now that you're on the right track.

Well it's lovely!

seems like maybe you like riding this 'river' of gorgeous color.. and maybe are wanting the journey to last a bit longer ? :-)
it's going to be so amazingly gorgeous on you!

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