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Saturday Sky

Randomly Yours

  • My brain breaks down every picture I see into puzzle pieces.  Jigsaw puzzles are fun, but they can be a true addiction. 
  • For months I've been wearing leg warmers. Thank goodness Cheryl knit me a pair a couple of years ago...I would never have survived the last two winters.
  • Maybe this week it will warm up enough to leave them behind.
  • Camille and I have a pedicure planned for Saturday.  We're hoping for a warm day so our toes won't freeze.  The weather looks good!
  • I'm wearing a heart monitor to check heart rhythm.
  • It's been 7 months since heart surgery, which now seems surreal.
  • When I think of the whole experience I am in awe.
  • If all goes well, and I think it will, this will be the last time (hopefully ever) heart rhythm will need to be checked. The monitor is huge and a PITA to wear.
  • Further more, if all goes well, doctor visits will drop to once a year. Yay!
  • My friends (and Smith) have made this journey so much easier. Their love fills me with awe.

Now onto knitting...

  • Like TeresaC, I joined 10 shawls in 2010. The first two months of this year I finished two shawls, which made the goal seem like a piece of cake. 
  • Then shoulder issues struck and, at the same time, I fell in love with several sweaters. 
  • You'd think I'd be burned out on sweaters after NaKniSweMoDo2009, but that is not the case.  
  • With Sprössling only about 35% finished and Que Sera just past the first lace repeat, it will be awhile before any new project can be started.
  • In other words, the going is slow. (I am enjoying the process and love both sweaters.)
  • Maybe it will take all summer to finished the sweaters now on the needles, but I've come to terms with my slowness.
  • Two sweaters I'd love to knit (and have yarn for) are Cerisara and PeasyRav_linkredyarnball.
  • However, I would like to knit more lace shawls.
  • Knitting production this year has been pitiful.
  • TGIF
  • Oh and, I added the pictures just for interest. Happy weekend!!


Fingers crossed that all will go well, then. I'm so happy that you've done as well as you have and hope that future holds a need for nor more than a very boring average number of doctor visits.

Let's hope the monitor shows what you already feel: that you are completely healthy. Both Cerisara and Peasy look lovely.

Pretty pansies! Have you had to wear the monitor periodically since the surgery? I didn't realize that and I hope this is the last time you have to deal with it. My knitting hasn't been very prolific either. It's April and I'm only on my 3rd pair of socks! yikes!!

Knit as the spirit moves you. Yay for a return to blooming health!

Fingers crossed your halter monitor study is normal. Yes they are a pita to wear. Great pansy photos. My knitting productivity has been less than yours so don't fret.

Good heart progress for sure. Once a year is GREAT. Normal, even. And y'know, as a congenitally slow knitter, slow becomes fine. Otherwise you go nuts. And that isn't why we knit.

I hope you do manage to get rid of that literal albatross around your neck soon!

Sometimes slowing down works, especially if you enjoy the process of knitting.

Good luck! I had to give up jigsaw puzzles when I started knitting again.....not sorry, it's a lot more productive.

Those heart monitors are wayyy heavier than they should be (IMHO). You sound better and better. It has been a very long winter and I'm just so glad you are healing. As for the knitting? I'm easing back into it after a bit of a lag. Happy Friday and your pansies are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay! for all of it, getting warmer, getting better, friends, Smith. All of it.

We have the same taste in sweaters. I have Peasy set as my next sweater knit, I just can't decide what yarn in my stash to knit it with. Sprossling might take its place if I find the right yarn for it (meaning if Kim dyes it ......).

Here's hoping that the heart rhythms check out and you are FREE of the monitor!!

I can't remember - did you make pedicure socks for those chilly pedicure days?

Have a great (and hopefully sunny) weekend!

Best of luck with ditching the'll feel pounds lighter! I have Peasy in my queue as well, but first I'm going to knit Sweet Peasy for my little granddaughter...I love it!

Our entire state (Rhode Island)has been hit with floods of epic proportions...the worst in 200 hundred years. The devastation is like something out of a bad movie...we're all exhausted and are looking forward to extended beach weather soon (it was 92 degrees on Easter...crazy for New England!).

Be well and please take care of yourself!

Love the pansies! They used to be called heartsease, which is what I wish for you.

I haven't been knitting all that much either, and I don't have an excuse.

I'm so happy you're healing so well! Here's to good rhythm, pieces that fit together, and knitting that brings peace and relaxation. :-D

Happy Friday and weekend to you! Hope you stay in rhythm and don't have to visit the doc for a very long time. All this talk about jigsaws is tempting me to drag one out and start working on it on the floor of my room...on top of the washing machine...on the patio...somewhere, ANYWHERE!!! But if I do that, I won't be knitting, will I? ;-) Thanks for the lovely pansy photos!

My best wishes to you with the heart moniter! I certainly hope everythign is normal.

I decided to do the shawl thing myself...being much more up my alley than the sweater plan. However, I must be a very contrary person because what do I want to knit all of the sudden? sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters!

Can't ever go wrong with pansy pictures! I need to put down my latest obsession and finish my finishing project!
Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!!

I love your pansies! My knitting has always been slow, but I do enjoy it! I have a pair of mittens to finish and then I need to start a project for my 12 year old niece. If I start it now, I'm sure to have it done by fall!!!

Sounds like lots of good things happening in your life right now, especially the good heart rhythms! I'll be praying for good news for you too. If it helps..... my knitting progress has been VERY slow too, but I am enjoying the knits when I find the little spare time to work on them.

Have a great weekend!

Wishing you good, healthy heart rhythms and shedding the monitor! Pansies have the happiest of faces. Yes to your first item regarding jigsaw puzzles and seeing pieces in every picture, brains are pretty amazing,eh? Great choices in sweaters, I've had a bit of a chubby for Peasy since it appeared. Knitting progress, it's all relative, your 'slow' would be my 'ticking right along'. Happy Happy Friday and Weekend!

I'm sending my best thoughts that you're able to ditch the heart monitor. The process of returning to normal or to a new normal after such a major event can be so slow. I'm sure that you're knitting will pick up and in the meantime you can enjoy the process at a more liesurely pace. Enjoy your weekend.

Where are the pink pansies?
It looks like you'll have perfect weather for your pedicure.

Hoping for the best. (We're having some heart issues here, but have to wait for the nuclear stress test because there is a big shortage of the radioactive isotope.) Keep plugging with the knitting, and thanks for the PANSIES! I adore pansies!

It's good to hear you might be pretty scott free soon. Hurray!

You sure know how to pick'em. Once again I've just had;) to fave another design(er). Have a great weekend!

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