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Proof of Knitting (and other things)

Here it is…the age old complaint of how short weekends can be. Having fun, relaxing, and doing all that must be done makes time fly, but it’s amazing how much can be packed into the 48 hours of free time allotted. There was laundry, grocery shopping, pansy shopping, barbecuing a fabulous meal, knitting, and puzzling!


If you’re considering a jigsaw puzzle for entertainment purposes, please be aware one thing…they are addicting. Puzzles are worse than Lay’s potato chips; you can’t do just ONE more piece. One piece leads to another and before you know it, half they day is gone. At least there is something tangible to show for it. However, I could have been knitting so, there is a second drawback.


A new batch of pansies were set on the patio with care, in hopes that a pot would soon be there. Sadly, however, what happened instead was a new covering of snow. The snow keeps coming and the temperatures are on a roller coaster ride. 50 with wind, then 32 with snow…it’s hard to know how to prepare. Yes, this how spring is...unsettled and unsure of what it wants to do next. I shouldn't really complain.


There has been knitting! The month long rest was good for my shoulder and arm. It’s a very rare occurrence when you see me with two sweater projects in process, but going back and forth between size 8 needles (Que Sera) and size 6 needles (Sprössling ) helps keep the pace…a tortoise pace, but at least I’m knitting. It feels so good to have a project back in my hands.


I love the red! I am a bit tired of the cold, and the wet, and the grey, but then I do also see signs of spring, and summer really IS just around the corner. Glad to hear your shoulder is doing better.

I'm so happy to hear that you're able to knit again...although not at the rate that you're probably yearning for...hang in there, you're still making progress!

I love the puzzle...such bright, happy colors! We take long weekend trips with two other couples and we always have a puzzle or two with us...and some of us have been known to stay up all night to work on it/finish it! Crazy but fun...enjoy!

That is some nutty weather. We have colorful terms to describe ours. This week has been the upper eighties and is predicted to end with Dogwood Winter.

The puzzling is sure to be a good way to make sure you do not overdo the knitting, right? I'm with you on having projects with different gauges to keep the fingers, hands, arms and the rest from being too stressed.

I hope you continue to heal and the pain leaves you alone!


Progress is wonderful. (I really do think spring in SLC is making progress, too. I see temps in the 50s forecast for Park City, and you are usually well ahead of that.)

Pansies seem to be snow-magnets. I'm not going to buy any...
Glad you're knitting again!
And that puzzle is soooo pretty and tempting.

So sad about the pansies! It's been a blessedly warm winter here in Maine.

Yay that you are able to knit again. Take care to not overdo...
Our spring sounds exactly like yours (without the snow, that is...all's we have is rain and lots of it)

We will have a puzzle out in the break room every once in a while at work... everyone gets sucked in, until the puzzle is solved!

A week ago yesterday I woke up with serious pain in my left shoulder. I could barely move my arm, couldn't knit, could barely type with my arm supported. On the upside, I got excellent free medical advice, the first item of which was for heaven's sake to see the orthopod first so the physical therapist would know what they were dealing with. And for that I thank you. I also got put on an antiinflammatory by my own (nonfree) PCP, and an X-ray was negative, but I still plan to see the orthopod on Monday since I am not quite back to normal.

I'm so glad you're knitting again! The Sprössling (the red is the Sprössling, right?) just set something off in my head.

Weekends do fly by so fast. Lovely knitting.

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