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Proof of Knitting (and other things)

Here it is…the age old complaint of how short weekends can be. Having fun, relaxing, and doing all that must be done makes time fly, but it’s amazing how much can be packed into the 48 hours of free time allotted. There was laundry, grocery shopping, pansy shopping, barbecuing a fabulous meal, knitting, and puzzling!


If you’re considering a jigsaw puzzle for entertainment purposes, please be aware one thing…they are addicting. Puzzles are worse than Lay’s potato chips; you can’t do just ONE more piece. One piece leads to another and before you know it, half they day is gone. At least there is something tangible to show for it. However, I could have been knitting so, there is a second drawback.


A new batch of pansies were set on the patio with care, in hopes that a pot would soon be there. Sadly, however, what happened instead was a new covering of snow. The snow keeps coming and the temperatures are on a roller coaster ride. 50 with wind, then 32 with snow…it’s hard to know how to prepare. Yes, this how spring is...unsettled and unsure of what it wants to do next. I shouldn't really complain.


There has been knitting! The month long rest was good for my shoulder and arm. It’s a very rare occurrence when you see me with two sweater projects in process, but going back and forth between size 8 needles (Que Sera) and size 6 needles (Sprössling ) helps keep the pace…a tortoise pace, but at least I’m knitting. It feels so good to have a project back in my hands.


I hear you on that tortoise pace, but progress is progress! Keep chugging along, I'm right there with you.

Knitting is just one stitch at a time... no matter how fast or slow you knit. Enjoy.

How about a new goal for this year: One sweater in one year, instead of twelve sweaters in twelve months? That would be a real challenge! Sorry, I know from personal experience that not being able to knit is no joking matter, and I am really happy that you are able to knit again, albeit slowly. (Did you notice that the unfinished blue balloon in your puzzle is covered in knitting stitches? Am I totally obsessed or what?)

Just being able to knit again is wonderful. I'm so happy for you. Having an addictive personality means I do not even own a puzzle. That one is bright and cheery though. Spring and winter are bickering, aren't they? They are having a small tiff here in Middle Earth. Spring will win this eventually though;-D

Slow and steady wins the race. Flip flop weather such as yours is hard to deal with. Fortunately pansies are hardy and can put up with it for the most part. I love puzzles too. :-)

Everytime I see your Sprossling, I immediately want to cast one on. I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I don't know which sweater I like best? A nice problem to have! What's with the patio is covered this morning...yours must be, too...sheesh!

So glad you're able to knit again!
We're having April Showers, as we speak! Colder, though, and I guess I was all too willing to give up dressing in layers... brr, chilled this morning!

Every Thanksgiving we put out a puzzle. I usually buy it during the summer while on vacation. They are so much fun and yes, addicting! The knitting is so lovely. That Sprossling is amazing! Good to hear you are feeling better.

Hooray for knitting! Boo for snow! Hooray for puzzles! Boo for weekends that are too short!

Que Sera is actually tempting me... if I get off my butt and see if someone on Rav has two skeins of the same dyelot I have, that is...

I can't wait to see your sprossling finished.....I just may have to cast on for one too. :-)

Glad to hear you're knitting again! Done any spinning lately? (I got my wheel out yesterday...four pounds is a lot of roving, is all I'm saying!)

So glad you're knitting again! I love jigsaw puzzles. Unfortunately, we have one table in our house which we actually use for eating, so no puzzling room. :-( The next house will be bigger...

I will be interested to see how your que sera turns out. It looks like such a nice, easy wearing sweater, but I'm always one to hang back and wait for everyone else to try things out, look at their opinions and experiences, see how it fits or flatters on various bodies.

My brother gave me a puzzle globe for Christmas (from Ravenburger, the best puzzle company, IMO). It was awesome, and gave me such a great chance to rub my husband's lack of geographical knowledge in. No, that's not very grown-up, but it was fun anyway. And it's an actual working globe now, with a stand and everything. And I can take it apart if I want and do it all again. I recommend.

I love puzzles, and I am just the same. Just one more piece leads to hours of distraction!

Both your sweaters may be growing slowly, but they're definitely growing. The snow will pass. The snow will pass. The snow will pass. Yes, I'm trying to convince myself.

I love puzzles, too. Addictive, satisfying, and a bit more social than knitting, because you can share! So glad you're back at the needles. Slow and steady is the best way to knit! :-)

The weather has been pretty ambivalent here in New Mexico, too. I don't know what to do for my poor little plants!

Both of those are on my queue (now will I ever make one?)
The knitting looks great, I feel sorry for the pansies, but they'll probably be fine, and that puzzle? OH hon, such a bright happy theme!
I'm delighted you feel good enough in that shoulder to knit again!!!

So glad you're feeling better!

Isn't spring fun? o.O

Love the puzzle!

Enjoy the knitting and relish the process.


It's so good to hear that you're knitting again. I'm working on Que Sera too and it's good to have a project that grows fast.

I haven't done a puzzle in ages but you're so right about one piece following the other.

can you believe the snow this morning?????? your pansies need jackets!

We're getting the same weather, just a day later in Denver. I did put some flowers in pots by the front door to greet dinner guests on Sunday--cold hardy pansies, alyssum (love their perfume), and (new to me) English daisies...

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