Perils of Margene (Part l)
A Quiet Place

Perils of Margene (Part II)

Our Heroine had been enjoying the scenery while she slowly paddled down the river DeNile. The call of Sprössling had been strong and Margene was enticed by its beautiful design, complex pattern, and intriguing shape. 

Our heroine had started this leg of her adventure with confidence. But, as she paddled her way up the river, she heard gurgling cautionary voices. She did not stop, did not pull over the the shore to reassess or check her chart. On she went but, perhaps, with a little less confidence.

Suddenly a crocodile appeared and it had BIG teeth!!  "Dear little knitter", it said, "did you look at the fabric as you knit and think it might  be a little small?  Did you make sure you had the right needle in hand? Did you throw caution to the wind and go on despite misgivings?  Did you??!" 


Our heroine was chagrined but, when the crocodile opened his mouth, as if to chop her up and eat her, she started paddling for her life!  She paddled, took deep breaths, worked her muscles with all her might, and made it to safety.   Maybe she had made a mistake, but she could recover and go on!  Right?

She knew she had checked her gauge, had even asked friends if the front of Sprössling looked smaller than the back.  She had been reassured it looked fine and all would be well in the blocking.  Some of her doubt was abated and, with Sprössling's call loud, rich, and enchantingly beautiful,  Margene knew she had to keep the course. She knew the sweater would be wonderful when finished and she would make Margene lovely, too.


It had been quite an accomplishment to finished the back of Sprössling, plus, it seemed to be correct (wow!) and nice looking. The front piece (right front)  had been a struggle, but it also looked nice (if small). Blocking would was time to move on, time to continue up the river, and hope Sprössling would remain tame enough to stay the course.


You sure know how to entertain..
I'm buckled up in my life jacket in hopes we don't hit a 'rapid'..
Keep on knitting~

Eek! I can't wait for the next chapter!

I'm getting nervous.

I am getting the feeling that you were rowing rapidly to calmer waters, where the frog pond awaits.

paddle fast.. there might be snakes along with that croc!

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