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Perils of Margene (Part II)

Perils of Margene (Part l)

The intrepid knitter blithely creates her stitches one by one, taking no heed of the pitfalls and perils ahead (even though she knows this road can be bumpy). Margene sits smiling (it's actually a silly grin) and enjoys the process of her project. She dreams of the day this lovely sweater will be finished and she can wear it with pride.


The back has been finished for some time and the front (right front) is now off the needles. This happy knitter lays out her work for a triumphant picture. How happy the day! Both pieces look great, Margene is satisfied, and pleased, as the going has not been easy. A new feeling of dread comes over her. Has this knitter taken care to follow through with due diligence?  

De Nile is a huge and dangerous river for the knitter who does not take care, who simple cannot imagine something ELSE could go wrong. The sweater looks good, but is it?  Is there (more) trouble ahead? Is she doomed?


Your Sprössling grows and grows. The colour looks great. Can not wait to see the work ready.
But tell me, what means DENILE?
Have a nice Monday.


Ah, the suspense is killing me! How does the story end?

Uh oh....

Is there more trouble ahead? In a word...prob'ly!

Oh nos! I hope Margene is out of knitting peril!

I'm not sure I like where this seems to be going. The frogpond is COLD this time of year.


Uh-oh. I'm sort of hearing the Snidely Whiplash music. . . Hoping for the best, but biting my nails!

dum dum....dum dum... (playing a major second interval here, a la "Jaws")...

Will our heroine remain tied to the railroad tracks?

I'm staying tuned for the next episode!

Yikes!! Cue the ominous music!

*bites nails at the suspense*

Oh no! I hope our lovely knitter does not wake up in her boat at Victoria Falls. That could be disastrous! Keeping my fingers crossed for the best.

lions and tigers and bears - oh my - what will be the outcome of this mystery

Alas! Will our intrepid knitter fall victim to her own folly by believing the Fates have ill will? No! She has forethought and insight and will quietly sit and review her map before proceeding.

I sure hope it is only ay ay ay and not a complete oy oy oy!
Will cross fingers for our knitter :)

Perils of it! The sweater will be fine, I just know it!



Got your card today. THOUGHT I WOULD DIE laughing!!!! Excellent, excellent!

What is this de nile you speak of - isn't it just a river in Egypt? ;op

no no say it isn't so!
oh, now I want to see the card you sent Norma!

No No No. Even De Nile can be crossed one stitch at a time by this knitter.

Dum dum dummm! Anxiously awaiting part 2!

Hanging on the edge of my seat.....

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