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Perils of Margene (Part III)

Our heroine had been floating along on DeNile enjoying the day and listening to Sprössling's lovely call from farther up the river. Paddling was easy, the waters calm, the landscape serene. 

Margene decided it is time to start the second front (right left front) and she picked up her yarn, but couldn't find the right needle in her bag . At that moment, she came to the realization the first/right front HAD been knit on the wrong size needle!  The water moved along more quickly and seemed to grow a little rougher.

Finally, with the right size needle she was able to start the first few rows of the left front. The going was quite easy (it's hard to overcome DeNile). However, when Margene started the pattern, she had to look at the chart.  The river was now very bumpy and the sound of rushing water could be heard (rapids?!).  Margene realized she may be lost and, to make things worse, she was completely confused.


Did she start the right front from the right chart or the left (wrong) chart?  Was she right in starting the left front from the right (wrong?) chart or was it the left chart?  Is the chart correct, does she have the right chart for the river?  Is she right, wrong, left , up or down?? YIKES!  Round and round she went, caught up in the eddy of doubt!

Margene looked at the finished right/left front to see if the map of fabric could clear up her questions.  The (right...or is it left!?) front left her with even more questions. Had she started the waist shaping on the right side or the left side?  Is the shaping right or wrong? Is it left or wrong?  Is she up or is she down?  The river's speed grew, the eddy swirled and swirled, spinning her round and round!!  Beyond the eddy the water plugging out of view, and the roar of an enormous waterfall thundered in her ears!  Was she doomed? Was there a way to make it around the eddy and to the shore?  Will Margene plunge into the land of non-knitters?  What in the world is going on!? How will she be saved!?

Margene paddled and paddled, trying to keep her muscles strong, her mind on survival, and hoped with all her heart she could get through this horror.  From a distance she could hear her dear friend CherylS calling in an encouraging voice.  "Remember when I knit two backs for an intricate lace sweater?  Remember when I started a sweater at the V neck and had to take it out after 11 rows? Remember when...?", on and on she called.

Cheryl calls also reminded Margene she was not the only person to make multiple errors in her knitting.  She was not the only person who had confused charts and patterns, and was not the only person to knit the wrong (right/left) front of a sweater. Cheryl also reminded Margene that she had the wherewithal and strength to pull through the eddy and make it to shore. Other friends could be heard shouting their encouragement, too. "We know you can do it! You have the attitude needed to finish (and tame) Sprössling! You can make it to shore!"

The eddy was strong, but Margene worked with all her might.  She focused on friendship and how many nice sweaters she had knit in the past. Love of the process pulled her to shore like a magical rope and the path she needed to take unfolded before her.


Sprössling's chart became clear. She understood the pattern and the RIGHT front as it should be.  With the right size needle in hand, the right path opened and Margene was finally in her right mind.


What a story!

Right on!

Poor Margene...I want to sprinkle you with pixie dust! I've been there and done that...and made sure it never happened again. Now I use those little string tags from Staples...I mark different finished pieces of knitting with the little tags and attach them where appropriate...along with any notes that I want to remember. I also make notes regarding any changes to a pattern in a knitting journal...not because I'm so smart but because I've been so stupid in the past. Hope this helps with future projects!

In the meantime...knit on through all crises and post your beautiful new sweater as soon as it comes off the needles...I know it will be just beautiful and bring you great happiness!

The only thing this adventure is missing is crocodiles!

I'm still a bit confused, but glad you found your way!

You do spin a fabulous yarn! heee :^)

Show me a knitter who's never made a mistake in their knitting (bonehead or otherwise) and I'll show you a less than truthful knitter. Isn't it nice to know that we've got friends out there to share their own errors and make us feel less silly. I still have to finish the second left handed mitten to go with the second right handed mitten that I made in error.

Whew...for a minute there I thought I was going to have to start calling you "Cleopatra" (Queen of DeNile..). Glad you made it through the rapids...and remind me to tell you sometime about the bathrobe (aka bedspread with sleeves) that I once knit. ;-)

Whew! What a terrifying chapter!


What a fun read these posts have been. So glad the 3 part story had a happy ending!

I shall send you a towel. Between the river and the sweat, you need one. Possibly two.
(This is the reason I always knit my fronts at the same time on one needle. I do the same thing with sleeves. Alleviates some of the stress...)

and hopefully she remembered to rip out that right-wrong side before reknitting???
sigh.. we have all done this

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