A Big Thank You!
Saturday Sky


Instead of a post I opted for a much needed haircut. While I was sitting in the stylists chair Suzy called and talked me into stopping by the LYS (it didn't take much talking). She bought yarn (for MilkweedZzzzzzzzzyarnball), I bought nothing. It was totally fun.


Enjoy your weekend!


Great haircut! I wish I had a LYS (Sigh!). Enjoy your weekend too.

Love it!

Love it! Have a great weekend!

I'm amazed at your restraint! I never get out of my LYS without a purchase! The haircut is fabulous.

Oh, it's great!

What a great (and, fashionable)style. Love it. And, you get special marks for restraint at your LYS, girl. That was amazing. Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

That haircut is awesome!

I love my new yarn and your hair--TGIF!

Great hair-do and well done on the steely determination!

Cute haircut! You have such restraint regarding yarn acquisition. :-)

Nice haircut! I'm thinking about going back to my shorter hair, too.

Nice little peek at the red around your neck.

ooohhh!! good one!!

Very nice new do! Looks like you're ready for some warmer temps and some sun on your back.

Hair looks good! :) Have a great weekend!

Fabulous haircut! and can I just say... you've got a great neckline (what can I say? I was raised by hairdressers :^)
Any visit to the lys is usually fun, whether something is purchased or not, it's ALL good! Happy Weekend!

A new haircut always feels so good doesn't it? Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

Cute! Have a great weekend, Margene!!

Looks great. Have a wonderful weekend.

Love the haircut! Mine is quite similar, just not as good! And shorter. Enjoy the weekend!

You made a good choice. And we still got a post anyway.

Great hair! I might think of growing mine out a tad for that cut.

Cute 'Do!
Happy Weekend, dear grrl...

Never underestimate the power of a good haircut! I know I always feel better after one.

Great, great haircut!
And. . . I bet you feel pretty good about your restraint at the LYS! Probably sort of like I felt this morning, when I walked out of the coffee shop with just-a-coffee . . . and no muffins, scones, or (drool) sour cream coffee cake!

Cute hair!!

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