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Not Funny


Mother Nature has played this joke so often it just doesn't come off as funny any more.  The snow is a cruel joke when you're looking forward to spring.  However, the winter wonderland is beautiful and peaceful. 


The poor little nursery on the corner was slated to open April 1st, but the plants are, sadly, covered with snow. Planting pots of spring flowers must wait. 


The sun peeked through for about 30 minutes yesterday afternoon but, wouldn't you know, more snow is coming this weekend. Come on spring...please get a grip.


Mother Nature does seem to have a cruel sense of humour sometimes. She's done the same thing over here.

Oh no! That is a cruel April Fool's Joke. We've got summer coming here this weekend.

Well, it is true that we are still in April and snow usually isn't rare in early April. However, we've been so spoiled this year that we are already dreaming about summer! Hang on ;-)

Oh, DEAR. Sending sunny warm thoughts your way!

Meanwhile, we're breaking temp records in my neck of the woods -- mid-70s today. I think it quite likely we'll see snow again, though, before spring really gets a grip 'round here. Happy weekend, Margene!

It's warm here - I'll send gentle breezes your way. Hopefully this weekend is the last of your snow!

I agree. Yeah, yeah, Mother Nature, we get the joke. Let's move along to Spring, shall we?????? Sending sandal/short thoughts your way. And, happy Friday anyway!

Except for that little 3" hiccup a week or so back, spring has come early and beautifully to Ohio. Danger lurks, however...last night on our walk, Romeo and I noticed the forsythias were blooming. That means it will snow three more times! Yikes! I'd hoped they'd bloomed weeks ago and I'd just missed them... :-)

Here the weather changes every half an hour, sun, wind, clouds - that is April. But fortunately no snow !!!


I'm with you, Margene. This spring break has been nothing but snow flurries and rain following to melt it all. The sunshine and warmer temps continue to elude us.

I think spring snow is one of my favorite snows though, there's just something rejuvenating about it for some reason. Maybe its because the year I was born there was a huge blizzard in Iowa 6 weeks after my birthdate. Maybe it somehow seems natural for me.

*Not* nice, Mother Nature! Hope spring arrives and stays soon - have a great weekend.

Snow in April is never a good thing! I hope it warms up for you quickly.

I hear ya - we're going through the exact same thing. Which I suppose is good for the local economy as the spring break tourists are having a blast on the ski hill, but I'm more than ready for spring!

I wondered if you were going to get snowed on. The Otter (in Reno) had been getting some over the last couple/few days. I hope it thaws out quickly.

That's nasty though the last photo beautiful!

and we are still being pummeled by heavy rain. :-( Word is, from the local nurseries that we must wait until May to do planting this year.

It's gorgeous here this weekend, but I'm not gloating.....I distinctly remember an 18" snowstorm in mid-April one year! It ain't over till it's over in New England!

We had an afternoon of big puffy clouds yesterday, so maybe your Easter Sunday will be beautiful... I'm ready for a color change myself. was a balmy 74 here today in the mountains.........kind of weird for April in NH. Keep your chin up...before you know it, it will be summer. :-)

Our spring has the same nasty sense of humor. A sunny warm day, followed by freezing and snow. I'm a pretty hard sell on the whole "It's really Spring!" thing...

Oh dear. I'm sorry. Here in Maine,we're having very unusual weather.... very warm and sunny! Flowers are blooming!

Yikes! Keep warm:)

Yeah... we always get at least one April snow, but we call it poor man's fertilizer. It IS heartbreaking, though, when it breaks limbs and/or kills seedlings.

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