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It's That Heart Thing

Yesterday, when I clicked on the link in Carole’s post, there was a serendipitous happening. After providing a link to my blog, the “cloud” appeared in the shape of a heart with the word Zen near the middle. It was perfect and there was no need to change a thing (as you can do if you create a cloud). The moment was amusing and magical.


As has often been said, Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter, or life in general, have taken many loved bloggers into other arenas. Their interesting, creative and personal musings are sorely missed and now there is a big hole in Blogland. (Speaking of sorely was so good to hear from Cara yesterday!)

When I started this blog I thought it would be fun to write, to make friends, to be part of a community and share, not only my knitting, but anything else that came to mind.  Blogging has enriched my life in many ways and, while keeping up with it can feel like a responsibility or an obligation, it would not be easy to quit. I couldn’t do it when I was in the hospital, before or after surgery, and I can’t do it now. Over time many commenters have come and gone, but friends are constant.


I had already typed the following comment: What I often do when facing a decision (large or small) is asking myself whether there might be an in-between solution. Very often it does not have to be all or nothing. In your case: there might be something in between blogging every day, or no blogging at all.
But then I thought: No, that is purely my self-interest; I will miss your blog very much should you decide to quit.
So here's my new comment: Feel free to do whatever is best for you.

Your word cloud is so perfectly YOU! Friends are constant. If it weren't for blogging we never would have met and I can't imagine my life without you!

I pondered this as well, and then I came to the same conclusion -- friendship. I wouldn't be this Jane without it!

I love your cloud. Yes. Blog when you feel like it. Have something to say. Whatever. I would feel very lost if you stopped completely, dear friend.

seems like there's an awful lot of commentary floating around lately about the decline in interest in blogs. i don't find myself reading them any less...for me, they are really different than the other things you mentioned above...more thoughtful, more personally expressive. and i actually like the discipline of thinking about what to blog on a once a week basis, a schedule that doesn't seem top demanding to me. and i feel free to do less if that's what happens down the road...thanks for keeping it going, i've always enjoyed reading you, i like your voice and your knitting taste.

Your cloud really is perfect! Shape, color, content. So glad you're here! So grateful for your friendship.

Our friendship is magical on a whole bunch of levels -- thank you for that! xo

LOVE the word cloud, and love this post! Thanks for sticking with us all.

I LOVE your cloud, your "toe flowers", your finished puzzle (yeah!)and pansies! I especially love to read and learn from your blog whenever you're able to write! And who couldn't love "Marvelous Marv's", love and laugh! Perfect!

I love that the word "Process" is woven into your heart. One thing that reading your blog always reminds me of is that "it" is a process. Whatever each individual's "it" is, you calmly demonstrate that the process should be honored. Thanks, Margene. Happy day.

Oh yes - I am glad you're still here! :) And your tag heart is very, very cool.

How cool was that?? My best friends today are those I have met thru blogging and you my dear are one of them. :-)

Margene, I've been here for a very long time. Sorry I don't comment much.

If you quit blogging, there would be a hole in my heart.

My wish and prayer for you is to have the strength to do what must be done. . . For Yourself.

I love you, Margene. And I miss you very much!

I agree completely with kv's comment above "they (blogs)are really different than the other things you mentioned above...more thoughtful, more personally expressive." I have learned so much from the many blogs I read and though they are all knitting blogs, the most enjoyable and inspirational things have little to do with knitting!! Maybe this blog decline is partly my fault. As a (mostly) lurker, I should probably tell those many blogers how much I enjoy them. That said, I agree that you should always do what's right for YOU.

I'm betting you've got some constant lurkers also ;^) So glad you're Here. I've always enjoyed your posts.. and the comments you leave at other blogs :^) Love your cloud, it's my favourite.

LOVE your wordcloud!!! I started working on mine, then in a fit of true ADHD, updated my blog, sewed buttons on a cowl I'd just knit, knit a few rows on this and that project, went over my music...totally forgot the wordcloud. Oy. Love your blog, Margene.

I'm another one of those (mostly) lurkers. I appreciate your blog and the time and thoughtfulness that goes into it. I love to hear your point of view.

Yes, the hole is getting deeper and wider, and it's very sad to me. The friendships we made in the 2004-2005 era are priceless to me, and I'm so glad we did this/are doing this. I wonder where everyone has gone. Well, of course it's obvious -- all the pulls in so many directions, and people are always off to the Next Big Thing. I'm a stick-to-it kind of person, but I have felt it necessary, in order to try to hold onto the friends/readers I have made/built up, to go off in those other directions too -- but I don't do it as well as the blog, and it makes me feel like I'm chasing the followers by doing so, rather than being myself -- not that I ever have felt like a leader, but I feel like I lose my identity completely by chasing after the herd, sort of shouting, "Hey! Over here! Don't run off!" Kind of silly. And I have made some observations along the way: joining Facebook and Twitter did sort of rejuvenate my readers/commenters for a while, but now it's back to baseline about before then. So one wonders why one bothers.... except that the benefits ARE still there. And we've got each other. For that, I'm unbelievably grateful. XO

I'm glad you are still blogging. It's a good blogging world and I've met a lot of other blogging knitters through you. I've also learned about new yarns, patterns, techniques, and causes through you. You've definitely expanded my world and I thank you. Please do what makes you happy, but I'll be here to read your good words.

Many things can happen to cause bloggers to stop blogging. An ugly incident or nasty comment can be enough to send some people running for cover! Illness. Major changes in lifestyle. It's been a tough few years for lots of folks and makes the whole blogging thing look frivolous in light of foreclosures, etc. Facebook has taken some away, too, I'm sure. For a while, I just lost interest in writing mine, but I still read many...some old favorites, some new additions to reflect new interests. I echo what they all said, though....glad you are still around. Zeneedle may be the last blog on my bloglines, alphabetically, but it's where I always start reading every day!

I like the "peaceful nuggets" (near the bottom).

Keep on bloggin'! Your posts and photos are always so enjoyable!

Really neat cloud - I truly look forward to your posts and photos :o)

I'm both guilty of blog-cruising without leaving comments and almost non-existent blogging. The last two years have been rough but I do feel the need to keep my blogging up. I for one will miss you if you decide to let blogging go, but do understand that change happens.

You're a bright star in the west for many of us!

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