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Smith may yet become a gardener, after edict from me, one which insisted he find a community garden. He is obviously hankering to grow veggies. For years we've seen people gardening in land behind the church, a Presbyterian church, across the street from our condo. Smith investigated and found it wasn't a church garden, but a community garden…with available land! He joined on the spot.


Smith spent the week planning, laying out his garden, figuring out what veggies he wanted to plant.  As you might guess, we spent the weekend shopping.  Some of our choices maybe getting a late start, but we'll give it a shot and learn as we go. Lettuce was planted in the carport box and herbs will be housed in the black pot (maybe a tomato, too).  Any harvest will be close at hand and we can easily take what we need for dinner. 


Smith spent most of yesterday planting his starts and tending his garden.  He planted broccoli, radishes, beets, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, lettuce and more.  Other plants will be added after the upcoming storm.


The community garden is amazing! They have their own tractor, tools, water, and compost (we'll contribute)and many shared gardens--herbs, asparagus, rhubarb and horseradish, fruit trees, and more gardens are planned.  More about this incredible find tomorrow.


Go Smith!

Wow! Go, Smith and Margene! Nice that it's so conveniently located.


WOW. That community garden IS a find. I can't wait to see you succeed (he succeeds) with Brussels sprouts! I always wanted to grow the little baby ones.

That's fantastic! And how wonderful that it's right across the street!

This sounds really great!

Now. Is that Farmers Smith or Farmer Smith;0D

It's addictive. You have been warned!

WTG Smith.

Wow! Our community garden is just getting started and mostly we have plots under water and a lot of grass leftover from the former soccer field it used to be. What a find for you guys!

Lookin' very cool!!

Wow - it sounds like a GREAT opportunity! I hope you have lots of fresh veggies all summer!!

Such fun! I have a pot of sage, and I use it all the time! AND it comes back even after the cold and snowy winters. Gardening is nearly as addictive as knitting.

Community gardens are simply the best! I'm glad you found one that's so close by.

Fabulous! and a big Yowza! for it being so close!! Hey, Gardener Smith, have fun, enjoy!

Sounds like an absolute gold mine.

Oh that's exciting!! YAY, Smith!

This is fantastic. I look forward to hearing how the garden grows. Hooray for Smith!

You're lucky to find a garden with spots available. I waited three+ years for one to open up in the garden we're in...

That's fantastic! Look forward to seeing the progress this spring and summer!

Cool! Now Farmer Smith has a plot to play in, another reference you might enjoy is Mel Bartholemew's "Square Foot Gardening."

It'll be fun to watch Farmer Smith (for some reason, I'm thinking Mr. Greenjeans) develop his green thumb!! And maybe you, too, by osmosis or something!

Nothing better than fresh veggies!!

That's great. You chose some of the same veggies we did. I can't wait see how they do. There is no veggie better than one you grew yourself.

This is just so fab!!!! Go Farmer Smith!

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