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Gardener Smith

Farmer Smith

Smith built a box in the carport (oh no, now what?!).
(Both planters sit on the edge and do not block our cars.)


AND, said he was going to plant a few (like 24!) different vegetables in both the box and the whiskey barrel. (yikes!) Farmer Smith he is not. Then, he scared me to death when he pronounced his in tensions to hang 12 tomato plants in Topsy Turvy's around the patio! (I thought I would die!)

Max came to the rescue and said "Not in my day spa, dude!!  Do you know how nice it is to have a black rock massage?"

Nice to know the black Zen Garden rocks are good for more than background for knitting photographs.


I do think Max has the right idea in claiming the space. Good boy!

Tomato plants and vegetable need something precious, ground and space, not a tiny litte box or barrel. Farmer Smith could plant some (a few !!!) flowers.
Says the daughter of a farmer,


Could he really have fit that many plants into that space? lol

Ha ha ha!

So glad the rock spa saved the day!

There is a great book called "The Bountiful Garden" that explains how to grow edibles in containers. Perfect for a little corner of the patio or carport. . . And -- apparently hanging tomatoes do really well (although I've never tried them myself)! :-) Grow, Farmer Smith, Grow!

Poor Smith. It's hard to be a farmer without much space. I was on board with him until you mentioned those topsy turvy planters. About July they start looking pretty bad;-D

Sounds like Smith needs a plot at a community garden!

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Oy.

Bwahhahaha, the garden fever has struck! There's no turning back. Next thing, there will be little Jiffy pellets with green shoots under every light in the house!

Smith could become a rooftop gardener! Above the cars is plenty of acreage!

We plant lettuce in shallow pots that I can move to the shade of the patio on uber hot days. They don't need a lot of space of depth and a fresh salad is heavenly. Good luck to Farmer Smith.

I hope he was joking about the topsy turvy. We tried one last year for the heck of it and it was a bust. The thing started ripping before the end of the season. I haven't heard about any successes with the topsy turvy. Good luck if he is serious.

Um, good luck, there. You'll have to keep us updated!

a note to farmer smith - from the scozzare-herrmann produce growers - plant on - tell him to find some san marzano tomatoe plants - they are the best - i just ordered some from high-country gardens

The black rocks look like EXACTLY the sort of thing that all of our pets would be attracted to on a nice sunny day!

My husband currently has crops growing in treys in our kitchen. He's waiting for it to dry out enough to plant them in our till-free garden. It's year two. Year one did not produce much. The man is a city boy. I know better than to interfere.

Last year, my husband showed up from work one afternoon with a load of tomato and cayenne pepper plants, proceeded to dig up a patch of back yard, work a bunch of "good dirt stuff" in and plant all those plants. I was skeptical... We ended up giving tons of tomatoes to friends, family, and the food bank...and I have enough dried cayennes to last me at least five years. What a miracle - and he's a city boy, too!

i grew french baby carrots in one of those big black pots last season. they were great! also potatoes, which are very easy in a pot since you plant in the bottom and bury the plant up to it's top leaves as it grows. by the end of summer, you have a big pot full of potatoes!! good luck sounds great!

Over dinner on Saturday my MIL and I had serious discussions about potato boxes and chickens.

Oh my...

I used to have a schnauzer named Babs and I planted a tomato near her favorite spot to sleep in the sun. Was I ever surprised when I saw her sneak a ripe tomato off the vine and eat it! After that, she would always try to steal tomatoes off of the vine.

I second the suggestion of the Bountiful Garden book. There are even suggestions on different plantings for salads (flowers in your salad anyone) and the names of special varieties that will grow well. Tiny Tim tomatoes are adorable and do well in a very small amount of space.

I tried the Topsy Turvey planter. Didn't work for me or anyone else I know. Great idea. Bad execution.

I'm with Farmer Smith this time... sorry, Margene and Max! I had terrific success with the Topsy Turvey, but would suggest that Smith put in a misting system, with an emitter for each plant, and then put it on a timer so that they all get watered in the early evening, during martini hour. You will want to switch to tropical drinks with little parasols, as you feel cooled and soothed in your new jungle. Organic liquid plant food weekly will assure his success and you might even grow to love your new jungle and miss it when summer ends:)

I used the upside down tomato thing last year. it produced well but had to be watered every day. this year, since we have enough garden space, we're planting them in the ground. I know two people who used them last year besides me and they produced well. We ordered from Gardeners supply on line. Good luck with the veggie growing.

but upside down tomatoes can be cool...

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