Perils of Margene (Part II)
Perils of Margene (Part III)

A Quiet Place


Let's take a little break from our heroine's troubles and relax a little.  This time of year is a perfect time to sit on the patio and sip a cool drink.  Smith bought Adirondack* chairs in a pretty red.  I may not have a red umbrella, but I do have red chairs.


The patio is a nice place to knit, read, listen to birds, and just relax.  While relaxing you can put your head back and see the sky. The playful clouds always put on a good show.


The pansy garden is nearby and often the pups, Max and Moxie, are too.  They have been scruffy little boys, but they had a spa day and now we have two princes. Pictures later.

If only this perfect weather would go on for months on end. Time to enjoy the nice days of spring while we can!

This picture was taken on the grounds of the high school (which is just around the corner).

*They maybe plastic (and fake), but the chairs are made from recycled materials.


Aww, we haven't seen much of the boys lately. Good to know they are doing well, too!

Looks like it was a pleasant day to spend outside and relaxing!

Hooray for peaceful places!

I love how the flowers look like they are sprouting from his precious head!


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