Perils of Margene (Part II)
Perils of Margene (Part III)

A Quiet Place


Let's take a little break from our heroine's troubles and relax a little.  This time of year is a perfect time to sit on the patio and sip a cool drink.  Smith bought Adirondack* chairs in a pretty red.  I may not have a red umbrella, but I do have red chairs.


The patio is a nice place to knit, read, listen to birds, and just relax.  While relaxing you can put your head back and see the sky. The playful clouds always put on a good show.


The pansy garden is nearby and often the pups, Max and Moxie, are too.  They have been scruffy little boys, but they had a spa day and now we have two princes. Pictures later.

If only this perfect weather would go on for months on end. Time to enjoy the nice days of spring while we can!

This picture was taken on the grounds of the high school (which is just around the corner).

*They maybe plastic (and fake), but the chairs are made from recycled materials.


We have wooden Adirondack chairs from L.L. Bean on our deck but we have plastic ones like yours in the yard. They are comfortable and great for relaxing and knitting. The building where I work for the COA has a wonderful wrap around porch and I'd love to get some Adirondack chairs for out there. I'm not sure the budget can support it right now, though.

Your patio looks like a perfect, restful place to knit. I love the red chairs! They add just the right "zip" to your patio -- and look so warm and inviting. Happy spring, Margene!

That looks blissful and the boys do look very handsome!

The most important thing about the chairs, is if they are comfy (OK, maybe after being recycled). DH got me some made locally a few years back, but they aren't comfy to sit in. The ARE purple now though! Your boys still look like princes when they are scruffy!

Your peaceful corner of the world. Lovely. I adore the pic of the "boyz". What a pair of adorables!!!! What a beautiful spring you are having.........finally.

I've always loved your little courtyard. The red chairs are a great colorful addition!

Love the awning of hair that shields the pups eyes! Kind of like doggy bangs. :-)

Isn't spring great? I love the combination of warm days and cool nights. Few bugs. All the trees in bloom. The gardening is still fun. Marvelous.

Love those is my favorite always make me smile! What a gift to finally be able to sit outside to relax, read, knit, or take a little snooze! Enjoy!

Peace, Margene. Enjoy your relaxation.

Looks like a gorgeous refuge... ahhhh...

Max and Moxie are indeed looking quite dapper. The clouds in the lower portion of the photo look like jellyfish :^) Cloud gazing was one of my favourite pastimes growing up... still is.

Love Adirondack chairs... Max and Moxie are certainly the epitome of cuteness, groomed or ungroomed. Enjoy your respite from knitting danger! LOL!

Oh. That's a good reminder... to simply sit and watch the sky (one of these days) (it's cloudy today, so... not so much).

I LOVE the red chairs! They are fantastic!

The Boyz are looking cute "scruffy style".

I love the boys' scruffy look! The patio looks like a nice place to relax. I especially like the lantern, I can't wait to find one for myself - someday.

I see those pink pansies showing their faces! Your little patio is so cute.

Love the red Adirondak chairs. They remind me of the fire we had years ago. We had white plastic ones and they wound up being out living room furniture for a while.

Every time I see a red umbrella, I think of you and your patio! It definitely looks tranquil. We are having a patio built this spring and I'm very excited about the whole project!

I know. The air smelled so good this morning. Love the chairs.

They don't look like fake chairs to me. ;^)

I just love those 2 little princes! Your yard is a restful spot and your mountain...spectacular!

Plastic Adirondack chairs are sold here in the Adirondacks too! I've never seen any in action, yet, though. It is no joke here -- there really are Adirondack chairs all over the place. Every porch has them. Ancient wooden ones, mostly. Nobody has any money for anything new in my area of the park. :)

It was hailing an hour ago but now the sky is blue and if I didn't have to get dinner out I'd be in the garden.

Lovely slice of spring! I hope the cold is short-lived and the weather will stay pleasant for a good stretch!

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