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Susan has been touting the little projects bags she's been sewing, because of their unique construction. Saturday Cheryl had a small tea party and after we drank our fill of tea, and ate many delicious treats, we started cutting and sewing bags of our own. Well, truth be told, I just sat and enjoyed the show while Susan, ElizaRav_linkredyarnball and Cheryl did the work. Even though I did little more than look on, we all ended up with a beautiful project bag (for a very small project, like socks). Cheryl has a few more pictures of the day. It was a day spent with true blue friends, who kept quiet about my surprise party the next day. It must have been difficult. 


Sunday, as a ploy to keep me occupied until time for SnB, Shelley and Cheryl took me to lunch. We've been to the Red Iguana several times, but this time we tried Red Iguana 2. The decor was bright and colorful and the food was every bit as yummy as the the original location. (My tostadas were delicious, but the plating gave us a good laugh.) While we inside the colorful Iguana, Cheryl took a picture of my new "do".  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to handle it...maybe a different hairspray? It certainly shows off my new earrings, in any case.


The entrance is so bright and unique, with the colored glass cubes, that we had to stop for more pictures.  

Shelley-margeneinrediguana2 Shelleyandcheryliniguana

Shelley and me - Shelley and Cheryl

If anyone needs more proof that Cheryl is a true blue friend, she collected birthday wishes from many virtual (true blue) friends and put them into a little book.  It must have taken her hours to collect all the messages and it's a treasure I will keep forever. 


And while we're on the subject of true blue, Susan designed and knit a shawl with yarn dyed by Kim. For months I've bugged Susan to write up the pattern and she kept putting me off.  Of course, now I know why. (The pattern should be available soon.)  Kim and Susan are as true blue as friends can be and I love wearing the shawl!

Here's a few pictures from the party.  At least Cheryl remembered to take a few pictures. Thanks, grrlfriend!


Cutting the best chocolate (GF) cake.


Smith, Judy, Me, Monica


SnB grrls knitting throughout the party.

Smith + Friends = Love (10,000,000,000).


I'm so happy that your birthday celebrations continued all weekend long! You deserve every bit of love and happiness that comes your way. And I love your new hairdo. My favorite hairspray is Shaper - it gives lift but your hair still moves.

What a great bunch of friends and a wonderful time!! I love that shawl.

Love that shawl, and your new do is very flattering.

Friends are a blessing. You are well blessed!

Belate birthday greetings.


Aww what a great weekend & party. The new hairdo and new shawl are just perfect on you, as is your smile.

What a wonderful weekend festivities! Love the new haircut and the shawl looks truly lovely on you. I had to laugh at the plating of your food!

Looks like a totally rockin' celebration - and went on all weekend! How fantastic!

:) And I actually like the new edgy rocker chick hair as it is.

I love "stretching" the birthday celebrations out, too, and was sorry I could only participate in yours vicariously. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! (Hope my card arrived...it took nearly a week for Shelley Platt's to get to Idaho!)

Thank you for sharing your celebration. Those are the weekends I love - fun, fun, fun. And that shawl is divine!

Two weeks ago, I came home with almost the same 'do'. Still trying to figure out how to keep it out of my way when I look down. Looking good!

That shawl is stunning. Susan (and Kim) has done it again. What is that colorway? I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday party in your favorite SnB place.

You look so healthy..the shawl and 'new do'..give you a special glow!
The party looks terrific..and surely no doubt about your good friends..that's evident!

I'm SO happy that you had such a wonderful birthday amongst friends and family!!!

What an absolutely wonderful birthday weekend - and wonderful friends! :)

That is a gorgeous birthday shawl!!! What a fabulous party and incredible friends. There isn't anyone more deserving that you, Sweetie! Love the earrings, too! And, I love your new do, but I have curly hair so I have no idea about hairspray;-P

You've given so many pleasure to know you over the year, why would you be surprised when they give that pleasure in return? Peace and love.

How awesome Margene! You deserve all the love. Happy Belated Birthday!

Wonderful party - fiber friends are great!

YAY! What a great weekend!!!

Fabulous photos, Great Times, isn't life wonderful? There's absolutely no voodoo to your new do! Love it, you wear it verra well, ditto on that Gorgeous shawl!

That shawl is just incredible. I tactfully didn't point out the color. *ahem* Loving living vicariously through the pictures and the tales. I would say you are a lucky grrl to have such a network, but boy, you earn it every day by just being YOU.

Beautiful shawl! You do have GREAT friends.

Happy belated birthday.

I'd love to see Cheryl's book if you're willing to share.

It was a great party, even if you didn't want it. Poor Smith was frantic about everything going right.

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