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Several friends have birthday's in March (so do I), which means there are many celebrations throughout the month.  Saturday I took a gluten free carrot cake to my needlepoint class, as it was Suzy's birthday.  I'm the only person who needs to eat GF, but everyone loved it.  Beverly Hills makes fabulous cakes and the GF chocolate is to live for. Who says you need to be denied good food if you eat GF?  Not me!


That looks so delicious!


Yes, it looks delicious!

Looks delicious!

And, I love carrot cake!!!!!!!!

I think I'll need one of those for my husband's fiftieth (Wednesday)!

It was a fun day and the cake was dee-lish! Thanks Margene!

Oh yum...carrot cake is my all-time favorite!

And yes, I have seriously considered gluten as a suspect in all of my tummy troubles. I'm going to be making some phone calls this week, and hopefully we can get some answers soon!

Yum! I can almost taste it through the computer.

That looks divine! Glad you are about to eat well GF.

Oh, it looks fabulous!

Oh super yum looking cake! As long as you can eat cream cheese frosting, life's good :) My b-day is Friday so I agree that all the best people are born in March.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, pretty! Looks good, too.

That carrot cake looks awesome!

Mmmmmmm, and I'm sitting here with a huge sugar craving, too!!!!! Meanie.

I'm betting that gluten-free doesn't mean calorie-free. I want to reach through the screen and snarf that entire thing in an extremely rude manner. This is what happens when I decide to get serious about losing weight: the entire world is one large temptation. Yummmmm.

Nom, nom, nom.

Yummy! That frosting looks awfully tantalizing!

That looks wonderful! I'm so glad that there are so many options for you to live a GF life.

Looks great and thanks for the link.

Have you tried Chris's flourless chocolate cake? We don't need to eat GF, but it is so AMAZING that I make it a lot and people are always asking for it,


And Happy Birthday (and my bd is in March too!)

Okay - you didn't say when your b-day is??? Mine is also this month, along with my elder daughter's and younger son-in-law's. Truly some great people born this month!;-) Hope yours is happy - when is it?

Looks like you even had leftovers for today:)

I adore carrot cake.
sigh... no fair making me crave it this early in the morning!!

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