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Tasty Tuesday II

The  best recipe ever for chili renellos is to have a fabulous local butcher who has them ready made.  They are our Sunday morning breakfast treat. Add an egg (and a little sour cream if it's a very hot pepper) and you'll be full for hours!  YUMMY!


Well, life is full of new challenges. The Universe may be picking on me, not that I really want to complain, as I am still here. But, awhile back my shoulder started to ache and I knit on, trying to sit in a good posture, but not doing anything else to help the situation. Even though I've cautioned other knitters to stop, rest, stretch and not overdo, it has been awhile since I took my own advice. Because of this grievance error in judgment, I cannot knit. The pain is too great and I have finally taken steps to see a PT for the problem. Hopefully they will get me back on track soon.

Posting will not be about my knitting for awhile, but I will do my best not to disappear. I am the cautionary tale, so please take time to stretch and take care.


Be patient with yourself. Take your time and you will see whether knitting functions again.

Great stretches! I too am laid up with forearm and elbow pain. Since retiring, my knitting time has increased from an hour a day to .... depending on the day. So now I'm back to monitoring my time spent knitting. Maybe these stretches will help as soon as I'm well.

Mmmmmm. Those chilies look so good! I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder -- but I'm hoping the PT involves heat and massages. :-) A little break can do wonders. . .

Those chilies look wonderful and even better that you don't have to make them yourself! I'm so sorry you are having shoulder pain. I hope it subsides quickly.

I hate when I don't listen to my body. I am so far past the time where I could push past anything. Take good care, dearheart. Oh, and pictures of yummy food are very acceptable if knitting is not available. Oh, and pictures of the your mountains are good, too;-D

Please take care of this..'frozen shoulders'are not a friend..both my husband and Mom have had these..so don't ignore the pain. I know as relaxing as I find knitting...my posture sucks when I get all comfy and sucked down in my chair.
Take good care of yourself and JUST post..don't do anything painful!

Shoulders do hurt when inflamed. I'm getting PT for mine right now after a fall with the dog in mid December and it has helped along with a steroid injection prior. My routine involves heat for 10 minutes, massage, exercises followed by ice with a TENS unit slapped on for 15 minutes. Fortunately mine hasn't hampered knitting and spinning. Speedy recovery Margene!

With the weather trying to decide if it's spring or late winter, perhaps you'll find yourself enjoying outside activities that will help ease the lack of fiber. My husband had to work with a PT following a car accident. As with all recovery, patience seems to be the most difficult part!

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. I highly recommend a good massage. Aren't we knitters great for enabling each other? Hope you feel better soon.

I hope your shoulder heals quickly. I am on a knitting break this week for the same reason. I've been working on sewing and reading instead of knitting.

I'm so sorry to hear of your shoulder pain! Yes, take good care of yourself now. I hope the PT brings your relief soon. You'll just have to catch up on your reading in the meantime. And blogging...

No fun. That kind of pain makes it hard to sleep, type, drive, blah!! Take care. I thought you KNEW by now that you should remember to take care of yourself and listen to your body. :)

Love you and miss you!! XOXOXOXOX

PS The Chiles = Food Pron. I'm lusting!!!

I love Chile Rellano's! Yum.

Good luck with your PT!

Oh dear... well, the top priority is to get your back and shoulder better.

I've had problems off and on with a shoulder issue (it's a female thing, I've heard) and had to break a bone in my foot to get a doctor to listen to me about it! PT worked wonders at the time. I still use some of the exercises when I get a twinge. Never stopped me from knitting, though, only housework! Definitely get it looked at!

Mmmmm. Yummy! gah. sorry about your shoulder and sending healing thoughts your way. and best wishes for the PT to help.
I'm ADD which just means I can't sit and knit for long periods of time, the little monkeys in my head tell me to get up, do something else for a few minutes.

Okay. I'll heed your warning. I hope you're back on track soon!

Take good care of you! It is so easy when pain interrupts something we love doing to ignore our bodies' warnings and go on, but it's almost never a good idea. (I do speak from experience.)

So sorry that you're in pain. You really need to take care of yourself. I've been getting achy lately but it's so hard to put a project down when the mojo is flowing.

Bummers! I hope it will get better soon!

I too, didn't pay attention to some weird pain in my wrists but yesterday I decided it is time to be good and not knit the whole day - aren't I brave? :)

Oh, I hope your shoulder feels better soon! I can sympathize...

Oh no! Rest up and follow those PT directions! Hopefully, you will be back knitting in just a little while.


Those look really, really good!

I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder. Take it easy, adn I'll be sending love your way!


Oh dear. I hope you start to feel better soon.


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