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Spotting Spring

Cheryl had yellow crocus show up last week and Carole showed off her yellow crocus yesterday.  Over the weekend I spotted yellow crocus peeking through the snow.



The pretty flowers are in my across the street neighbor's yard and, from a distance, they looked like gold shining through silvery snow. They are also on the verge of opening and by now, a few days later, they must be in full bloom.  Hurray for spring!


Oh, what a beautiful sight!

I love the way they look with the snow surrounding them! Hooray for crocus!

Love the blanket of snow around them. So fresh looking.

Brilliant! Spring might be a little fickle. . . but it's definitely on the way!

I'm cheering on my daffodils who are a little taller each day in my patio...c'mon Spring!

So lovely!

I love that the morning chorus is starting each day! And robins have been spotted.

So very very pretty. My crocuses are budding this morning and should bloom this weekend. I love the snow and flowers. So pretty!!!!

Pretty! We aren't there yet...

Now that's a visual treat! I've seen crocus and jonquils in the neighbourhood and pansies, loads of pansies :^)

We have buds...pushing up, but no color yet (in fact, the buds are quite GREEN!).

Thanks for the little "plots" of gold!

Hurray for spring indeed (and it can't come soon enough!

Love!!! I don't think mine are even peeking out yet.

They're the best when they come up through the snow!


Just gorgeous. The cherry trees here are blooming and it's such a welcome sight.

Sadly, no yellow (or even purple!) crocii to show, but I'm happy to say the last little patch of snow melted from my lawn yesterday, and THAT is cause for celebration!


Gorgeous!! I need some natural yellow in my outside world!!

...dog pee in the snow doesn't count.
; )

Lovely spring! :)


I've found some stems in my yard, looks like spring is on the verge of, ah, springing!

Very pretty!

I finally saw some wee little flowers this morning, and it made me very happy!

I ain't got no freakin' crocuses. Only, as someone above hilariously said, yellow snow!

What is this spring of which you speak? Does that mean the voles DID get my croci? I'm not quite done with winter yet.

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