Blue Monday
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We are still at the crocuses and snowdrops stage, but the weather is very mild and sunny today. It will not be long before we also have primroses and daffodils. Nice sandals! They make me want to leave my computer, get my sandals out and go for a loooong walk. But there is work to be done. Maybe this afternoon.

Spring really has come. Today the weather man says that we will have 20 degrees Celsius. I will look for the sun because rain will follow the next days.
Have a nice sunny day.


You said yesterday my spring is ahead of yours but I don't have flowers yet so I'm not sure what to think! Love your new sandals. Go get your toes painted RED!

Pedicure for me today! Definite sign of spring. Love seeing the primrose. :-)

Primrose? It's beautiful!!! Missouri has a native primrose, but it's yellow and small and blooms in July. I love yours. The daffodils are so pretty. And, I adore your new sandals. Pedicure time!!!!!!!!!

I came home to snowdrops. Period. I LOVE your sandal feet. You, alas, need toes as well as a pedicure.

Cracking up at your last photo. Without my glasses for a minute I thought your were missing toes-lol. Nice sandals! My primrose leaves are out, but no flowers yet. Soon I hope.

Great sandals! Enjoy the pedi.

Cool we need some warmth to go along with...!

Gorgeous! I need to plant those things so I can enjoy them in my yard! I say that every year!! Nice way to spend birthday money. ; )

Yay! Pedi-time!

Great sandals! Do they have good arch support? (You know me and Keens...)

Yay spring!

aahhh, the primrose :^) fab sandals!

Very pretty flowers and great sandals. It is totally bare toe weather. My nail place was so busy last weekend that they ran out of hot water because of all the pedicures they did. Can you believe it?

Love the new sandals! Last week, I thought sandal season had arrived...this week...back into the wooly socks. Ugh...March in Ohio...

I went to your pedicure place on Saturday. And the first thing I did was drop (and break) a bottle of polish. The owner said (with a smile), "Well, at least now I'll always remember your name."

While I really don't want to wish my life away, I *do* wish Spring would hurry.... April is a winter month here in Maine.

Yay Spring! Love those sandals. I wore sandals for the first time (and because it got colder again, the only time) on Sunday. I love sandal weather.

Woo Hoo!

Hooray for new shoes! Also, I came across something today and thought of you - a great website called Gluten Free Goddess ( Hope it's useful for you!

Love the primrose ... another thing for my must-plant list!

First thing I thought when I saw/read pictures was "First you need some toes"!! Glad I wasn't the only one. . . especially since you don't know me :) Enjoy your pedicure and sandals!

I woke up to a fresh inch of snow this morning, thanks for the pics

YAY Spring!!!! Lucky you to have primroses blooming!

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