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Saturday Sky

Friday morning the snow came down like a real winter storm, a rare sight around here lately.  The landscape was a winter wonderland for a few hours.  It's been so long since winter has visited, but it is March and winter must let us know she'll be around for awhile longer.

By afternoon the sky had cleared, the day was as beautiful as it comes, and spring winked to let us know we shouldn't be fooled.


Gorgeous montains!

Just stunning!

Gorgeous, as always. It just never gets old!

Go Spring, go!

Oh, thank you!!! What beautiful pictures. Happy Saturday, hunny!!!

Love it! Spring winking! Winter just doesn't want to let go, but it's good to know that Spring is gaining the upper hand! Time to think about Spring/Summer knitting!

I love your Saturday Skies posts. Thank you.

These are my favorite storms. They come and go without disrupting anything.

I think March must be the adolescence of weather. :-) Love the pictures!

Absolutely stunning :^) I love Winter, used to not be that way but at some point we became close friends. I love the snow, I love wearing my wool, I love tucking in and hunkering down and going out to play in it. I do.
Yes, that Spring... she's a flirty little tart,eh? ;^)

We had one of those here last week with the trees all covered and pretty. Unfortunately, the not-so-pretty part was shoveling 8 inches of wet cement! We are looking at temps in the 50's this weekend and I can't say I'm sorry!

Beautiful! But you can still keep it. It is still so much nicer to watch on someone's blog. :D

Wow! That's beautiful. The clouds behind the mountains and that blue sky are just stunning.

We've got a taste of spring going on up here - which is a little frightening considering March is famous for kicking our butts. Trying not to get my hopes up too high...

Mountains. *sigh*

So lovely.

You have THE best blue skiies!! Enjoy the day. :)


Lovely pictures, even more lovely scenery.....

Beautimous - love the mountains (sigh) ...

So glad you are finally able to enjoy some snow! Gorgeous photos. Beautiful sky!

What a breathtakingly beautiful view! Kind of like God dusted the mountains with confectioner's sugar. Our snow is mostly melted and flocks of robins are returning.

Still loves winter and loves these awesome photos but for today..I was very happy to have a warmer day with sunshine..and above freezing temps. It was nice to be 'unhunkered' for the day Marianne..

Your mountain pictures are always so darned pretty!

Love the mountain, but I could do without the snow.

I know how happy that makes you!!! Congrats on a nice snow (and stunning snow photos!)

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